Reasons to choose a luxury cruise

Cruise travel is among the best value propositions for a vacation, specifically if it is luxury. That idea that your hotel moves with you while you discover new ports and spectacular views is very tempting.

Although it is true, there are currently many boats and lines, which facilitates the wide variety of offers and prices on the market. Nevertheless, beyond the rates, it is important to have personalized advice, to know how to choose between an economic cruise and a luxury one.

Read on and find out the reasons why your next cruise should be luxury.

One of the first points is that when choosing the economic cruise rates, you have to anticipate additional costs to optimize your experience: meexcursions in port, drinks, tips, access to the best restaurants on board, laundry, internet connection, and other amenities that you will have included on a luxury cruise.

Our experience tells us that when you do the math, the difference between the total cost of a mega-ship is insignificant, compared to all the pleasures you get on a luxury cruise.

Also, By opting for a luxury cruise, you will enjoy a personalized service, You will stay in spacious suites with a balcony, you will delight your palate with Gourmet food, all this in a casual environment of travelers like you. Sounds like those unforgettable vacations, right?

Live your dream vacation and consult with a professional. Remember that at Travelwise we are creators of experiences and we are available to give you the best attention, just call us at (809) 562-3000 or fill out this form, and an expert consultant will help you plan your next experience.

Frequently asked questions when you take a cruise departing from the DR

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