8 Tips for your first safari in Africa

Going on an African safari has always been the dream of many travelers. Imagine planning a vacation away from home, the kind that takes you to discover nature in its purest state, and appreciate the beauty of wild animals up close. Without a doubt, this can be an unforgettable experience.

Start planning your adventure in Africa with us and take into account the following suggestions:

1. Bring your camera

Your smartphone will not be enough to capture the landscapes and animals, which are often far away. A good zoom lens is a have to!

2. Dress for the weather

Although some might believe that all of Africa resembles the savannah of "The Lion King", the continent is much larger than the entire North America and, as such, has innumerable microclimates, from the humid jungle, to the most arid salt flats. . Therefore, make sure you do a good research on the climate of the region where you are going to be and you will know how to choose the best clothes for your trip.

3. Plan what you are going to pack

Our experts recommend not to overdo it in a destination like Africa, since most local tour operators only allow one large bag per person, due to space and weight issues on small planes. In addition, almost all lodges offer laundry so you can use the same clothes several times.

4. Don't forget the hat!

A good hat will do much more for you than just look good, and as a safari-pro You'll keep the sun off your face and the dust out of your hair, especially in desert climates.

5. Find out the necessary vaccines for your destination

Perhaps today more than ever, we understand the importance of vaccines, such as COVID-19, however, there are others and one of them is malaria in Africa, in some countries yellow fever or rabies. Before the trip, visit your doctor, ask for what is necessary to reach your destination and live the experience as you wish.

6. Enjoy with composure

From experience we know how exciting it can be to see your first pride of lions or family of elephants in Africa; however, try to express that emotion with a bit of serenity and composure, so as not to scare the animals or annoy your fellow travelers.

7. Make sure you bring cash

Tipping is the rule, not the exception in Africa, so it's best to include this in your travel forecast. ATMs are few and far between. Make sure to bring cash before you leave home, this can mean a lot to the guides and staff.

8. Organize an agenda

besides you game driveyou will undoubtedly have the option of doing other activities such as visiting tribes, enjoying spa treatments, musical performances and others. Give yourself the opportunity to escape from your schedule and find a picturesque place where you can sit down and enjoy some quiet time to digest the magic of all this adventure.

Remember that we are here to make your safari in Africa the best experience, at Travelwise we are experts in travel and we are available to give you the best care, contact us at (809) 562-3000 or via this form for a professional to assist you.

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