llᐈ Best time to travel to Maldives

The best time to travel to Maldives the best paradise destination, a country made up of many islands with beautiful beaches of crystalline waters, with white sand, without the presence of waves and with sun throughout the year.

The Maldives is located located south of the territory of indiait is a paradise chosen mostly for the honeymoon trips of newlyweds. The best time to travel to Maldives is at any time of the year.

If you decide to travel to this destination, it forces you to have a high budget for your stay, since the Maldives is characterized as an expensive tourist destination. So, to help you choose the best time to travel to the Maldives, we tell you everything about its climate, what kind of activities to do during your stay.

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  1. Best time to travel to Maldives based on the weather
    1. Rainy season
    2. Dry season
  2. What to do in the best time to travel to Maldives
    1. Beaches in Maldives
    2. Watersports

Best time to travel to Maldives based on the weather

In general, you can travel to Maldives at any time of the year, but february the best month to visit maldives islands due to nice and dry weather that presents to enjoy the days at the beach. Maldives has two seasons that you can also take advantage of during your stay if you decide to travel to the Maldives.

Rainy season

The rainy season is start in the month of May and end in the month of November during this time snorkeling or diving activities are not recommendedbut if it is good weather for surfing. During this time the weather is rainy with hot weather, in the same way, there is the presence of sun, but with the formation of storms and of course the rains, it is still the best time to travel to the Maldives if you do not mind a little rain.

diving in the maldives

In May there is a greater record of rainfall and storms on the day, also keep in mind that Ramadan is celebrated in May, therefore some tourist services do not work during this time. In June the peak time of Ramadan may not be the best time to travel to Maldives.

In July things change with a significant reduction in the chances of rain, water sports activities are feasible again, you can swim with whale sharks and manta rays, you can also enjoy the Maldives Independence Day celebrations. . In August and September the constant rainfall returns and in the months of October and November the rains are constant until the second week of November when the weather begins to change.

Dry season

The dry weather season to travel to the Maldives is comprised of the months of December to April, during this time the atmosphere is warm To enjoy the days lying on the beach sunbathing or doing water sports, this is the best time to travel to Maldives.

Although the season of a dry environment in the Maldives begins in the month of December, it is completely normal to witness some days of rain and storms in this month, since the climate is just changing. In the second week of January the weather is completely dry, suitable to start enjoying your days at the beach.

The perfect month to travel to the Maldives is in February, which only registers the presence of 3 days of precipitation during its duration and the sunlight accompanies you for approximately 10 hours each day. In March the weather continues to be dry with less chance of rainfall, it is also the end month of the season with the highest influx of tourists, on the other hand, in April the changes from the dry season to the rainy season are already felt.

What to do in the best time to travel to Maldives

Beaches in Maldives

Enjoy your vacation days in paradisiacal beaches of turquoise green water that appear to be postcards or magazine photographs. They are real in Maldives you can have walks walking pee from the white sand beach watching the sunsets or a spectacular sunrise to take the best pictures.


During the best time to travel to Maldives water sports activities are the main fun activities to enjoy during your stay. From snorkeling, diving alongside whale sharks in the reefs that have a lot of marine life is a unique experience, since the visibility in the waters of the Maldivian sea is impressive. Surfing is another sport practiced far from the reefs, it occurs on the Indian Ocean side.

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