When to travel to Poland?

If you decide to travel to Poland, one of the fashionable countries in Europe, surrounded by the Baltic Sea, Poland has tourist attractions such as the Auschwitz camp, the Krakow salt minesthe cities rebuilt after barbarism committed by the Nazis and Russian communism.

Poland has medieval-style citiesWith a rich gastronomy that you should try sometime in your life, in addition the cost of living in the Republic of Poland is the cheapest in Europe, so it becomes a great destination to travel to Poland on your next vacation. To help you plan your next vacation in Poland, we tell you when is the best time to travel to Poland, which tourist sites you should visit.

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  2. Climate of Poland
  3. What to see when you go to Poland
    1. Krakow
    2. warsaw
    3. Wroclaw
    4. Auschwitz Concentration Camp
    5. Wieliczka Salt Mines

The best time to travel to Poland

best time or time to visit Poland is in the summer season when ambient temperatures are pleasantalthough it coincides when there are many visitors. The spring and autumn months are also good for traveling to Poland.

Now, the best months when traveling to Poland are from the beginning of May to September, because the weather during these months is pleasant. On the other hand, in the middle season comprised of March, April and October.

Secondly, the worst time to travel to Poland is in the low season months of November to February when the environment is cold with rain constant, for this reason many of the tourist sites close their doors to visitors.


Climate of Poland

The climate of the Republic of Poland is humid due to its location in front of the Baltic barIt has abundant and constant rainfall. It is marked by extremely cold winter and autumn seasons, with cloudy skies, it is a long-lasting season compared to the short summers with temperatures of up to 32 °C during the month of July and spring still with a cold environment.

What to see when you go to Poland


krakow is the most beautiful city in the republic of Polandit was also the former capital of the Polish country. Krakow preserves its historic and old town despite the wars and invasions that took place in the country, it is also a World Heritage Site.

You can visit the Old Market Square with several palaces and medieval-style buildings, Rynek Glowny, St. Mary's Basilica, hike up Wawel Hill and see the Cathedral. You can stroll through the streets of Kanonicka and Florianska. You can also visit the Jewish Quarter or visit the Oskar Schindler Factory.


This city capital is without a doubt the best known in all of Europeeither known throughout history, for its mention in a movie like the one with the pianist. The historic center of Warsaw has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1980, after being rebuilt maintaining its original architecture, since it was almost completely destroyed in World War II.

The Castle Square is the connection between the modern part of the city with the old town where you find the "Museum Warszawy" the Warsaw Museum, the Palace of Culture and Science, the Wilanów Gardens, the Museum of the Polish Army , the Royal Castle so you only have to book your excursions in advance if you are going to travel to Poland at this time of high concentration of visitors.


and wroclaw you can find more than 100 statues of gnomes made of bronzethat you should find on your tour of the old town. This city is also compared to Venice because of the rivers that flow through the city, which is why they call it the Venice of the East.

Wroclaw is worth visiting not only to find the gnomes, but also to visit the Pan Tadeusz museum and stroll through the streets and islands that make up the city.

Auschwitz Concentration Camp

Visit the concentration camp Auschwitz where the most degrading injustices in history were committed. This field is a symbol to remember the barbarities committed by the Nazis.

In this tourist attraction you will find the Auschwitz-Birkenau museum where the horror story lived during the Nazi extermination is represented. You can get to the Auschwitz concentration camp by bus or by hiring a tour service for a guided tour.

Auschwitz Concentration Camp
Auschwitz Concentration Camp

Wieliczka Salt Mines

One of The most visited tourist attractions and should be among your priorities to visit are the Wieliczka Salt Mines declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and are located near the city of Krakow.

The salt mines have a labyrinthine circuit in the tunnels that you go through when descending more than 300 meters deep in the mines. In addition, the main attraction of these mines is the Chapel of St. Kinga, made of 100% salt with beautiful religious sculptures.

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