When to travel to Budapest?

If you are going to travel to Budapest, the capital city of Hungary, known as the pearl of the Danube or Paris of the East. Budapest has a charm that makes any visitor fall in love with its impressive medieval and baroque buildings, the famous ruin bars, the monuments and the historical statues.

IT IS one of the most beautiful cities in all of Europe appearing in the top 3 of the cities to visit, Budapest is a city that gives you the feeling of being in Paris or Rome due to its structures and the fact that it is a city divided by the Danube River that divides two of its great cities Buda and Pest.

In this article I will tell you what is the best time to travel to Budapest, what type of climate it has and what you can see and do during your visit to one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

When to travel to Budapest

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  1. The best time to travel to Budapest
  2. What to see when you go to Budapest
    1. Visit the Budapest Parliament
    2. Visit the Buddha Castle
    3. Walk across the Chain Bridge
    4. Visit St. Stephen's Basilica
    5. Spend the afternoon in a Budapest spa
    6. Have a drink in the ruin pubs

The best time to travel to Budapest

Although each season has its pros and cons to enjoy your visit to the capital of Hungary, any time of the year is the best time to travel to Budapest. But the most recommended months to travel to Budapest are in May and September due to the moderate climate they present.

Although the summer season is the most visited, the capital of Hungary has high temperatures of 30º C, so it is necessary to make reservations for both lodging and tourist services in advance, because there is a greater influx of visitors in the city.

the season of winter is presented with cold temperatures and snow during the months of December and January they present temperatures of -4º C, they are the coldest months and the most beautiful, due to the Christmas decorations that make Budapest have magic in all its streets.

at the stations of spring and autumn have a pleasant climate, with little influx of visitorstherefore the prices are cheaper, and you can enjoy some important events such as the Spring Festival.

What to see when you go to Budapest

Visit the Budapest Parliament

Undoubtedly the Parliament of Budapest is the most emblematic building of the capital of Hungary. This palace has a neo-Gothic style in its structure, you can take guided tours inside. For this you must buy your entrance tickets in advance.

Visit the Buddha Castle

The Buda Castle was the residence of the Kings of Hungary in ancient timesand today it has become a tourist attraction in Budapest that you can visit by taking a tour of the entire castle open to the public. From the Buda Castle you can have impressive views of Budapest, you can also find the Budapest History Museum located in the courtyard of the Buda Castle.

Walk across the Chain Bridge

IT IS the oldest bridge in the entire capital city, the views obtained from the bridge over the Danube river is really impressive. This bridge has a history, since it was rebuilt after World War II when German bombing destroyed all the bridges in the Hungarian capital, so the Chain Bridge was rebuilt in 1949 preserving its image and beauty.

chain bridge

Visit St. Stephen's Basilica

The Basilica of San Esteban is an emblematic construction of the Christian religion in the country being the most important not only in the city but in all of Hungary. The Basilica of Saint Stephen is 96 meters high, being the tallest of all the basilicas in Hungary that you must visit when traveling to Budapest. Admission to the basilica is free, however if you have to make a donation, you pay when you go up to one of its towers.

Spend the afternoon in a Budapest spa

One of the activities you should do to relax after your excursions in Budapest is spend the afternoon in a spa in Budapestwhich are full of outdoor pools with hot water in the winter season is a great experience. Some spas also have thermal baths, the best thermal baths that you should visit when you are going to travel to Budapest are The Széchenyi Spa, the Gellert Spa and the Rudas Thermal Baths, the first being the most famous of all.

Budapest spa
Budapest Spa

Have a drink in the ruin pubs

A curious experience that you must do when traveling to Budapest, is to have a drink and enjoy music in the ruin pubs which are ruin bars. Some entrepreneurs took the idea of ​​using the abandoned buildings to build an entertainment center like the ruin bars, which has undoubtedly been a success.

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