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Travel to Cadiz an autonomous community belonging to the region of AndalusiaIt has an enviable gastronomy, its culture influenced by various cultures and of course its dream beaches to enjoy the white sand and turquoise water.

Cadiz It is the oldest city in all of Western Europe.It has been coveted by different cultures, which is why its streets show you the mark left by the Greeks, the Arabs, the Romans and the Phoenicians. In our article we guide you to choose the date to travel to Cádiz depending on its climate.

Best time to travel to Cadiz

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  1. Climate of Cadiz
    1. Travel to Cadiz in winter
    2. Travel to Cadiz in summer
    3. Travel to Cadiz in autumn
    4. Travel to Cadiz in spring
  2. Worst time to travel to Cadiz

Climate of Cadiz

The Cadiz weather is pleasant during the summer it is warm and not as hot as in the interior of the region of Andalusia, in winter the atmosphere is mild and not so cold and although the wind can be annoying, it is a characteristic of Cádiz that you have to face. The best months to travel to Cadiz are from May to October when there is little probability of precipitation and the average temperatures are 28 °C in August and 15 °C in January.

Festivities such as the famous Cádiz Carnival, Easter and Christmas make Cádiz the chosen destination to celebrate these festivities on the beach. Therefore, these dates are high season due to rising prices and the large influx of tourists.


Travel to Cadiz in winter

The climate of Cadiz during the winter season it presents temperatures from 12 °C to 15 °C on average. The months of January, February and March are still visited as low season because the climate of Cádiz in winter is not completely cold as in other places, for some visitors winter is a date to visit Cádiz regardless of the winds and rains characteristic of the season.

On these dates there is still sunshine and what many visitors prefer is to avoid the crowds that occur in summer, although visits to Cadiz at this time are not recommended, due to strong winds, some of the tourist activities will not be available many sometimes due to bad weather.

Travel to Cadiz in summer

During the season there are high temperatures of heat with a refreshing breeze due to the hundreds of kilometers of beach to enjoy in the summer. The climate is hot and dry with temperatures of 25 ° C maximum, without rainwith sunny days and light winds.

In general, traveling to Cádiz in summer allows you to enjoy many events such as concerts, cultural and leisure activities, summer cinema and, of course, sports on the beach.

Travel to Cadiz in autumn

In the autumn seasons enjoy a cool environment with average temperatures of 20 ° Cthe days are still long as in the summer season, the days are sunny and with little chance of rain. With little influx of tourists and of course cheaper prices for accommodation and other activities you want to do during your stay.

In the fall season you have the Scopes Film Festival as the most important event. Restaurants, bars and tourist activities are available and best of all there are few people in lines to get anywhere.

Travel to Cadiz in autumn

Travel to Cadiz in spring

The atmosphere of spring in Cadiz is cool, with the presence of the sun, but with a bit strong windstherefore, it is convenient to have a blanket to cover yourself from these strong winds present in the spring season. There are still heavy rains that can wet you from head to toe in just minutes.

Although the spring rains are heavy, but not lasting in a matter of a couple of hours or less they end. In spring you can have fun with the children at the International Puppet Festival and some other activities available for tourists.

Worst time to travel to Cadiz

The The worst time to travel to Cádiz is usually in the months of July and August when the temperatures are high and there are strong winds, an underappreciated natural event when you are on the beach and there are winds that raise the sand. In the same way, the months of January and February the winds are still very fresh to be on the beach. Although it may be preferable to visit the urban center of the city instead of the beaches during the mentioned months.

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