Best time to travel to Switzerland ◁ll

The best time to travel to Switzerland depends on your tastes and what you want to do during your stay, traveling to Switzerland in winter is perfect for sports like skiing in the famous Swiss Alps. On the other hand, in summer enjoy a warm climate. You can see the stunning green views of nature in the mountains, fields and forests that Switzerland has and the medieval cities.

Switzerland is characterized by having a high standard of living in terms of prices of products and services, if you plan to travel to Switzerland it is advisable to have a higher budget than usual to enjoy your trip without haste.

In our article we share information about the climate of Switzerland, when is the best time to travel to Switzerland and of course what you can do and see during your stay in the country of the Swiss Alps.

Best time to travel to Switzerland

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  1. The climate in Switzerland
    1. in mountainous regions
    2. In the lower regions
  2. What to see and do when traveling to Switzerland
    1. Lantern
    2. Bern
    3. interlaken
    4. Lauterbrunnen Valley
    5. basel

The climate in Switzerland

Switzerland's climate is variable, with low temperatures during the months of January and February they are perfect for sports in the snow. In summer, the atmosphere is hot in the months of July and August, especially in the southern part of Switzerland.

in mountainous regions

On the southwestern side of Switzerland a dry environment prevails, where the winters are very cold and as the region is mountainous in the Valais Alps, these are covered with snow being perfect for the sport of skiingIn addition, the further east of your route, the colder it will be in this area in the winter season. On the other hand, summers are not too hot, but rather mild.

In the lower regions

Winter in regions like Geneva are mild without the presence of snow throughout the winter season, if you want to ski in this area have Zermatt, the ideal place for skiing even in the summer. On the other hand, we have a summer with abundant rainfall and storms in the southern part of Switzerland.

What to see and do when traveling to Switzerland

The places you must see during your trip to Switzerland are:


A medieval-style city considered the most beautiful in Switzerland And in the list of the most beautiful in all of Europe, Lucerne is the most visited city when traveling to Switzerland. It is surrounded by the Alps and with the lake of the Four Cantons. In this city you can visit the squares, its historic and medieval-style center, the charming streets. You can walk across the "Kapellbrücke" chapel bridge, take photos at the Lion monument or in front of the city's cathedral.



The capital of Switzerland is a must-see when traveling to Switzerland, Bern has a medieval-style old town declared a World Heritage Site in 1983. It is a city that houses squares and streets with decorative colored fountains, the buildings in the center are made of sandstone, the old churches, the monuments that are worth knowing such as the Parliament of Bern, the Clock Tower .


Interlaken is a valley surrounded by beautiful big mountainsthis is one of the must-see places to visit when you are going to travel to switzerland, Interlaken has a natural beauty that surrounds it with lakes from which you can take boat trips, Oberhofen castle, you can also go hiking, go up to the Harder Kulm viewpoint or ride a bike.


Lauterbrunnen Valley

A valley where you will find 72 waterfalls among which is the largest underground waterfall in all of Europe. The Lauterbrunnen Valley shows you an idyllic landscape of the village of colorful wooden houses with a privileged view of the Alps, this view appears in one of the films of the most famous Hollywood actor James Bond. The activities that can be done in the Lauterbrunnen Valley are walks through the town, excursions to the Schilthorn mountain.


This city shares border with France and Germany, therefore, during your visit to Switzerland you can also visit these countries mentioned. Basel is a quiet city with interesting places worth visiting such as its historic quarter, shopping in the small but elegant and traditional boutiques, having a cup of coffee or a traditional beer on a terrace.

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