When to travel to Costa Rica?

travel to Costa Rica a natural paradise with dreamlike Caribbean beaches and possessor of the greatest biodiversity on the entire planetin its territory alone it has 5% of the world's animal species. You can travel to Costa Rica at any time of the year depending on your tastes and the environment in the place you visit.

Costa Rica or the Switzerland of Central America is a fascinating country in biodiversity, a combination of paradisiacal beaches, active volcanoes and hot springs found in this green paradisethough, small with great riches in nature. In our article we explain how is the climate of this natural paradise, what is the time or season to visit Costa Rica.

When to travel to Costa Rica

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  1. The climate of Costa Rica
  2. The best time to travel to Costa Rica
  3. Essential places to visit when traveling to Costa Rica
    1. Saint Joseph
    2. carthage
    3. Turtle Island
    4. Arenal Volcano

The climate of Costa Rica

This green paradise country has a tropical environment, that is, its climate is divided into two seasons: the rainy (winter) and the dry (summer).

  • dry environment; From December to April, rainfall is sporadic in the area on the Pacific side, so it is better to visit the Guancarte beaches.
  • rainy environment; Made up of the month of May to November, rainfall is constant, but it is the ideal time to visit the Caribbean side of the southern beaches.

The best time to travel to Costa Rica

The best time when you should traveling to Costa Rica is determined by the region you are going to visit in the country. March is one of the most recommended months to travel to Costa Rica and enjoy the dream beaches, since the atmosphere in this month is pleasant, soft and warm in the country, in addition to being within a season with regular prices and not so high as in high season.

Instead, the most unpredictable environment is in the dry season when the prices of tourist services, accommodation and others rise in price due to the influx of visitors due to the Christmas and New Year festivities given in the month of December.

Essential places to visit when traveling to Costa Rica

Saint Joseph

The capital is one of the country's greatest attractionsYou can see the historical monuments on the free tours that operate in San José. These tours are led by young guides, although the tour does not have a price if you expect to leave a donation at the end of the entire tour. Among the tourist sites that you can see when you travel to Costa Rica are the National Theater, the Post Office Building, the Cathedral, the Plaza de la Cultura and the Central Park.


This city located near the Irazú volcano, it is the most important and oldest city in the countryfounded in 1563 being the first capital. From Cartago you can carry out various activities, visit the Byzantine-style Basilica of Our Lady of the Angels, which is the second largest church in the entire country, visit the Lankester Botanical Garden located a short distance from the city of Cartago where you can see more of 3000 different species of plants, you can climb the Irazú Volcano in two ways, either on foot or by car.


Turtle Island

An unmissable destination in Costa Rica is Tortuga Island, which you must reach by boat as the only means of transportation to the island of white sand and crystal clear water where you can do water activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, jet skis, and pedal boats.

The best time to travel to Costa Rica, specifically to Isla Tortuga, is in the months of December to April when the weather allows for the aforementioned water activities.

Arenal Volcano

Going on an excursion and climbing a volcano should be one of the things to do on your trip. The Arena Volcano is active and at first glance is a green paradisedue to the vegetation that surrounds it, it is a natural beauty worthy of admiration, it has a conical shape,

Despite the tremors produced by the Arenal Volcano, which occasionally lets out a little lava from its crater. You can take walks or hikes in the area of ​​the volcano surrounding it from Fortuna, the town where this volcano is located, as well as visit Lake Arenal and La Fortuna waterfall.

Arenal Volcano

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