19% of those investigated for hate crimes in Catalonia in 2021 are minors

The minor perpetrators of hate crimes and discrimination represented 19% of the total in 2021 in Catalonia, according to the spokeswoman for the Mossos d’Esquadra, inspector Montserrat Escudé, who explained that “with harassment behaviors between equals that if they are not redirected They can become hate crimes.

He said this at the press conference to present the balance of last year in relation to this type of crime at the Les Corts Police Station of the Mossos d’Esquadra, in which he also explained that normally the aggressors are one or two people that “under a gratuitous criterion and of opportunity they carry out these aggressions”.

Regarding the victims, he explained that 11.5% are minors, and that the complaints for these crimes have increased by 26% compared to 2020, going from 395 to 496 in 2021. He also highlighted that the complaints in the field of hate crimes and discrimination account for 0.1% of the total complaints received by the Mossos d’Esquadra, although there is a hidden figure and an underreporting of 80%.

“The objective of the body is to reduce and bring out this hidden figure of 80% that as a society we cannot afford, and fight to break this silence and make visible the people who suffer this violence,” he added.


Thus, he explained that 44% of complaints of hate crimes are due to LGTBIphobia, where a “notable increase” is registered, going from 143 complaints in 2020 to 215 in 2021, followed by complaints by national or racial level, which account for 28%, and complaints for political orientation (21%).

It has detailed that 72.5% of the cases are resolved with the arrest or investigation of the perpetrators, and that in 2021 116 people were arrested and 330 were investigated – 20% were women and 80% men – .

Escudé has stated that the hate crimes office analyzes all complaints every day, is in contact with groups and entities to learn about their concerns and needs and to promote actions, and has stated that “these behaviors do not have to be normalized or naturalized “.

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