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The municipality of Aiguamúrcia will proceed during this year to the renewal of the public lighting, which has as its main objective the replacement of the current lighting with Led lamp technology. Along with this action, the City Council of the vila intends to reduce the electricity bill, for one thing, and for the other a better energy efficiency, as well as the reduction of light pollution due to emissions of carbon dioxide. Of course, this is a million that will be planned to be able to last the end of the year, but the effects derived from the pandemic have delayed the bidding and execution of the works.

Today, the typology of the lighting is varied since, as it will be remembered, the municipality of Aiguamúrcia is dispersed, integrated by numerous differences and distances, those who, folded, do not reach the total of the thousander d’inhabitants, 930 per to be exact; Hence the fans are competing with pumps of sodi steam and other mercury.

This Plan for the renovation of the enllumenat includes Aiguamúrcia and the rest of its aggregates, such as les Pobles, Santes Creus, Pla de Manlleu, les Destres, Masbarrat i l’Albà, as well as the area connected to els Manantials, the most modern of the municipality that is going to begin to build at the end of the year 60 of the segle passat. It is on the coast of the road that connects the urbanization with Santes Creus and Aiguamúrcia and the road communication band, all along the verda albereda del Gaià, s’uneix amb Santes Creus pel Camí dels Hortets or camí dels Queixalots. Rep el nom dels Manantials atès a que l’agua that l’supply prové d’una mine.

In reality, there are two different projects and budgets per separate, as the mayor of Aiguamúrcia, Òscar Sendra, comments, «we have to determine if all these works will soon be joint tenders, to be awarded in one or two companies». About això, the mayor admet that «the Mas d’en Presses sector will remain pending, an urbanization that is waiting to be received by the City Council».

The largest supply project is the one that contemplates the lighting renewal of the core set that make up the municipality, with the replacement of 295 points of light planned, with a cost that amounts to 158,061 euros. For its finances, it has a subsidy from the Pla Únic d’Obres i Serveis (PUOSC) for an amount of 118,000 euros to which it has to affect the contribution of 42,600 euros, coming from the Pla d’Actuació Municipal ( PAM) of the Provincial Council of Tarragona.

For those who go to the Manantials area, there is much less, the budget amounts to 64,796 euros, of which 42,600 euros are subsidized by PAM.

For another band, note that there will also be installed fifteen nous fans at the access from les Pobles to Mas d’en Presses, which will have to be built from here in a few days, with a cost of 112,000 euros and the ‘work already tendered.

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