Dismantle a marijuana plantation in Masdenverge and arrest the person responsible

The Mossos d’Esquadra have now dismantled a marijuana plantation inside a flat on Carrer Catalunya in Masdenverge (Montsià). The escorcoll a l’immoble has allowed to find a total of 92 plants of mig meter of height, according to police sources, also with aparells d’air conditioning, focus halogens, fans and active carbon filters.

The indoor conreu s’abastia system thanks to a fraudulent connection to the xarxa elèctrica. The mossos, who had previously verified unusual activity and increased consumption of piss, have identified a veí d’Amposta of 29 years as allegedly responsible for a crime against public health and fraud of the electric fluid.

In the operation, the mossos have also escorcollat ​​a pis d’Amposta that worked as a point of sale of the stupefaent. There they have trobat two precision scales, marijuana cabdells and 740 euros in cash. L’immoble, as in the case of Masdenverge, also had the punxada llum il·legalment of the xarxa. The open investigation continues and further arrests are not ruled out.

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