Édgar Hernández returns for Agné’s happiness

Caprices of fate, but Édgar Hernández returned to the green against Cornellà, a team against which he was injured at home. The striker from Gavà has been out for almost two and a half years due to a fibrillar injury in the adductor that forced him to undergo surgery.

There have been weeks of recovery in which the grana attacker has not wanted to force the machine until it has been ready. He had already been training with the group for two weeks, but he opted for patience. They don’t want any more scares and the goal is for this to be the start of a final race for the playoffs in which Édgar Hernández has a leading role reserved.

He has it because he is a player who dazzles Raül Agné. The Nàstic coach sees Gavà’s striker as a perfect striker for his style of play. He considers him to be that striker with the ability to come and receive, to be a winner in the air and, above all, to have the ability to distribute the game in the final meters that is not so easy to find in a striker.

However, Edgar also stands out for his ability to see the door. He has always been a striker who has come close to or has broken the ten-goal barrier and at Nàstic he was on his way to it if he were to have more luck with injuries. Right now he has three goals, a remarkable figure if you take into account count the minutes of play (412 minutes).

All these virtues have meant that the Mequinenza coach has always publicly praised him at a press conference. He not only falls in love with his interpretation of the game, but he is also delighted with his attitude. His integration and professionalism is maximum. One of those voices that doesn’t need to spend too much time in a locker room so that when he speaks he is heard.

In fact, the other day it wasn’t entirely foreseen that the player from Gavà would have minutes, at least Raül Agné hinted at it at a press conference, but after the game he confirmed what had happened so that Édgar Hernández finally came back : «I am delighted that Édgar is here. It’s great news. He is a very important player. I didn’t expect him to come out today, but he was the one who said that he was fine and that he wanted to play. We already know what Edgar is, a very committed player who has helped us.”

Now the landscape of the forward has changed radically. In just two months, Nàstic has remodeled the point of attack to which two players such as Dani Romera and Juan Camilo Becerra have reached and has recovered Édgar Hernández. These three, along with Pablo Fernández and Fran Carbia, forge an inexhaustible forward line in which the Mequinenza coach will have the opportunity to mix them up as he sees fit depending on the context and the rival.

fierce competition

Right now it seems that Pablo Fernández and DaniRomera start with an advantage to occupy the two offensive positions. The Asturian winger is in a great moment and fulfilling more than enough in the role of fixing winger, while the striker from Almería came from professional football with the intention of being important and he is being. He adds a goal, but beyond that he is offering sacrifice, dynamism and perfectly interpreting that role of attacker that he must read and go to the spaces.

However, the two rams know that they cannot lower the piston because the competition is maximum. Fran Carbia always delivers and is always prepared to offer a remarkable performance, Edgar Hernandez little by little is going to get in shape and has the full confidence of the coach, while Juan Camilo Becerra is right now the least hopeful of his path, since that the grana coach made it clear to him the other day that he must get in shape if he wants to have minutes.

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