Movies. ‘The Batman’, a man-bat that hypnotizes

After the failure in the last releases of DC (batman v superman, The Justice League or Wonder Woman 1984), Warner Bros has launched a blow on the table to try to straighten the superhero franchise that did not raise its head. The last ones to win were wonder-woman (2017), Aquaman (2018) andShazam! (2019). In the middle, Joker (2019), although it cannot be considered a superhero movie as such, despite the fact that it achieved a great success at the box office.

All this comes to mind because in the DC Comics-Warner Bros alliance they were desperate to find the key to a new success that would catapult them towards positive reviews and, what is more important to make money, high expectations from fans and moviegoers. . And this time it seems that they have succeeded.

East batman wants to regreen laurels as Christopher Nolan’s trilogy did at the time, the last great Batman thanks to a stupendous Christian Bale, from whom Robert Pattinson has now taken over. Two different Batmans but both very interesting. Before them, actors like Michael Keaton (who will do it again soon), Val Kilmer, George Clooney and Adam West have already donned their suits.

the ‘reborn’

When everything suggested that the ‘bat-man’ was dying after reaping his latest failures, the director Matt Reeves (the same director of the last two installments of Planet of the Apes) has given a new impetus to the franchise. And he does so by also relying on the archenemies of our hero, now tormented and in question with a city of Gotham sealed by corruption and pessimism. A dark story with many faces and masks, where the good guys must deal with their nightmares.

The story is very simple but it is also very orchestrated. In his second year fighting crime, Batman investigates the corruption running through Gotham City and how it leads to his own family, while facing off against an assassin known as the Riddler (Paul Dano).
The appearance of that psychopath serves to emphasize that the villains also seek their own ‘justice’. And, in his twisted and macabre way of ‘executing’, he has certain parallels at times with the saga Saw.

A plot that takes us through three hours of ‘bat-movie’, with dark photography, with that gothic atmosphere that Tim Burton had given it in the 90s and that manages to visually overwhelm. It has moments of thriller, of personal drama and of an action that allows us to follow a story with a background and that gives meaning to that plot. A great movie that will bring to light the debate: is Nolan’s Batman better or Reeves’s? Although to settle it, the latter must also close a trilogy, which is what he aims at given the good taste in the mouth left by the pointy-eared superhero.

Although for some it is already the best movie ever made about Batman, batman It has that ‘slight’ inconvenience of its 175 minutes. They are not long, but some could have been saved and it would have been even rounder.

But the film has many strengths, including the excellent chemistry between Batman and Catwoman (Robert Pattinson and Zöe Kravitz), its dark but dramatic photography or the tense atmosphere that makes the story fly by. Although we are not bats.

‘A heroby Asghar Farhadi, criticizes society for creating myths and then knocking them down

The Iranian Asghar Farhadi knows what it means to succeed in different countries with his films. He has done it with Everybody knows (2018), the Spanish production starring Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem o Last (2013), a French film that featured Bérénice Bejo.

Now Farhadi, who has already won two Oscars in his career thanks to Nader and Simin, a separation (2011) and the traveler (2016), premieres A heroa film with which he returns to his country of origin to recount the rise and fall of a man who, as soon as he is adored and catapulted by society for a gesture of honesty, as reviled, humiliated and forgotten in a matter of days.

With his usual simplicity, Farhadi focuses on the adventure of Rahim (Amir Jadidi), a man who is serving a sentence for non-payment of a debt. On a leave of absence, his girlfriend Farkhondeh (Sahar Goldust) finds a bag full of gold coins that could help him pay off the debt and get out of prison, but, out of honesty, she decides to return it.

This act, initially heroic, begins to complicate the lives of all those who have to do with Rahim.

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