Plans for March 3

II Symposium of ‘Retail’. Local initiatives of ‘retail’ and quality of life
9:30 a.m. online

The retail is troba in a period of restructuring of the points of sale, with the new technologies play such an important role that the differential experience has to maximize the emotional character of the visit. The symposium intends to delve into these types of experiences of dynamization in retail is an integrating element. Registration:

Sessions to profit from the European Funds
10:00 a.m. online

The Provincial Council of Tarragona offers training sessions so that companies can benefit from the European Funds. Avui, ‘COSME Program for the competitiveness of companies’ with Ana Ladeiras. Information and registration:

Taula rodona: heroines of our times
6:00 p.m. Espai Jove Kesse

Moderated by Laura Recasens (promoter of the Heroïnes anònimes 2.0 @heroinesanonimes project). Participating speakers: Fanny Ulldemolins, Aida Bañeres, Carmen Gómez, Mariona Esteve and Laura Balcells. Speakers from different work profiles will present their experiences with the project and will make an exhibition of different topics related to their lives or work environment. Registrations:

Muntanya Cycle
7:00 p.m. Provincial Auditorium

Sílvia Vidal will donate the tret of sortida to the Cicle de Muntanya 2022 as well as the inaugural conference ‘Sincronia Màgica’, both of which will lead to the second great solo climbing adventure on Cerro Chileno (Patagònia, Xile). A month and mig her in a remote valley incommunicado, without radio or telephone, carrying during setze dies 150 kg of material and food.

Barhof Ensemble
7:00 p.m. CaixaForum

The performers share with the public the deep personal experience of music, the intimacies of the interpretation and the secrets of the works they play. A diàleg amb els oients to talk about the sensations and emotions that music reveals. Price: €6.

‘Eva Serra for the Catalan revolution’
7:00 p.m. Bookstore La Capona

Presentation of the book. With the participation of Albert Botran, editor of the work, Blanca Serra and Josep-Lluís Carod-Rovira. Free entry.

‘The company in numbers’
9:00 a.m. More Carandell

Workshop that is offered with the collaboration of the Chair of Entrepreneurship of the URV and will finally offer support to understand a comptable balance, a compte of results and the treasury statement, three basic eines for the follow-up of the financial situation of the business or business project. Enrolled in the link

The Parrot m’ha dit…
5:30 p.m. Pere Anguera Library

‘Contes de la vella Quaresma’ explained by Sílvia Ribé.

Passat a l’autoconsum d’energia
7:00 p.m. Local AAVV Sol i Vista

If you vols assabentar-te dels avantatges that the Reus City Council offers and also the economic and environmental benefits generated by the production of net energy, and invite the xerrada amb alderman Daniel Rubio.

‘Prostitutes of Ancient Greece’
7:00 p.m. Reading Center and YouTube

Presentation of the book Prostitutes of Ancient Greece. The truth of the textual sourcesby Juana Martínez Otón.

feminist self defense
7:00 p.m. Casal de Jovenes La Palma

Workshop directed specifically to students on learning self-defense techniques against an attack. Free.

Lecture with Francesc Domènech
7:00 p.m. Reddis Private Foundation and online

Continue with the cycle of conferences linked to the project ‘Reus 1970-2020: the transformation of a city’. This time it will be about local politics with the journalist Francesc Domènech. The conference can also be followed live online.

‘Racons of the Baix Gaià’
10:00 a.m. Lluís d’Icart Room

The Regidoria de Cultura de l’Ajuntament de Torredembarra and l’Associació Foto Amigo present a set of 60 photographs of members and societies of these entities whose buildings, libraries and landmarks of the Baix Gaià are discovered. Hours: from dilluns to divendres, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and els dijous, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Ends March 31.

You see Cambrilenques
7:30 p.m. Cultural Center

Veus cambrilenques amb the conference ‘Josep Tapiró (Reus, 1836- Tànger, 1913) the painter of Tànger’, by Dr. Jordi Carbonell Pallarés, historian of art and professor of the Department of History and History of the ‘Art of the Rovira i Virgili University.

‘The Turk in Italy’
8:15 p.m. Rambla de l’Art

Presentation of the opera from La Scala de Milà. More information at the web site

Mont Roig del Camp
‘Amb ulleres Liles!’
5:00 p.m. Casal de Jovenes K1

Ruta pel nucli de Mont-roig near punts conflictius applying the gender perspective. Adreçat to young people from 12 years old.

‘Zenobia Camprubi’
7:00 p.m. House of Culture Agustí Sardà

Lecture ‘Zenobia Camprubí, the llum of Juan Ramon Jiménez’, led by Mrs. Joaquima Nulla Gasulla, professor of language, literature and writing. Dins the programming of the Aules d’Extensió Universitària.

‘The alchemy of life’
7:30 p.m. Institute of Vallencs Studies

Presentation of the novel·la històrica de Coia Valls. In the care of Mònica Socias.

‘Biography and personal trajectory of gifts’
10:00 a.m. library

Exhibition organized by the Library. It is pot veure from March 3 to 11.

‘The Master of the Gifts’
6:30 p.m. library

Lecture ‘El Maig de les Dones. Feminist Movement to Catalonia in Transition’, càrrec de Meritxell Ferré. Organized by the Center d’Estudis Vila-secans.

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