Tarragona will celebrate the 8M with more than 25 events

Tarragona has presented this Wednesday the program of events for March 8, International Women’s Day. The programming, which began on March 1, will run until June 16 and includes a total of 26 events scheduled between different departments of the Tarragona City Council, entities, unions, feminist associations and city parties.

During the presentation, the Councilor for Feminisms and LGBTIQ+ of the City Council, Cinta Pastó, wanted to highlight that “the programming has an awareness-raising character about the work that is done by different entities and groups in favor of equality between men and women and , at the same time, wants to unite this task around a protest day that reminds us year after year that a lot is being done but that much remains to be done”.

In the words of the City Council’s head of Equality Policies, Montse García Biosca, “the multidisciplinary nature of the program reminds us that equality is worked on from many areas and from different perspectives and all of them are absolutely necessary.”

Self-care and safe spaces, featured programming lines

Next, the coordinator of the Information and Care Service for Women, Thaïs Germà, outlined the programme, highlighting the diversity of proposals and the concept of self-care as one of the outstanding programming lines. Around what the program defines as a tool of empowerment for women, the Department of Feminisms and LGBTIQ+ of the City Council has scheduled the event “Dona, estima’t fort” for March 10 at the Palau Firal i de Congresos, to by Ruth Jiménez and Verónica Soto; street action Jutja’t menys, caress’t more (March 5) of Creu Roja Joventut of Tarragona; and the cycle Build the autocures of the Servei Municipal de Joventut, with different sessions until April 12.

The creation of safe spaces will also be a line of awareness and awareness within the 2022 programming. The program includes a self-defense session (March 8); the same day 8, the round table Create safe spaces: share beliefs and experiences; and an exploratory march to detect urban aspects, such as lighting, related to the perspective of security in public space, which will take place on March 9.

A very cultural 8M

On the other hand, the theater will be one of the highlights of the program, with the performance on March 7, cigarette cases –based on the work of Emilia Pardo Bazán The Tribune—, a theatrical piece that vindicates a controversial and contradictory but very suggestive and relevant figure in feminism and literature of the late s. XIX and beginning of the s. XX; and of Under the Wigsin the Throne Room, on March 11, 12 and 13.

In the more cultural section of the programme, there is also a storytelling session that breaks gender stereotypes at the Pepita Ferrer Library in Torreforta, where the activity is also scheduled Històries of gifts to the rhythm of bolero; the Ellas Music Band concert at the Espai Jove Kesse on March 4; and the announcement of the traditional Relats de Dones and Còmics per la Igualtat contest, which have reached their 22nd and 5th editions, respectively.

Institutional records: between claim and recognition

In this year’s programming for the 8M there are, as usual, different institutional acts that claim equality and at the same time recognize the work of different people around this fight. In this sense, on March 8 the book points will be released Tarragones to María José Figueras, Encarnación and Raquel Quílez and Rosa Mallol from 11 am in the plenary hall of the City Hall and on the same day the institutional manifesto will be read at the door of the City Hall from 1 pm. Raquel Quílez will also receive the XVI Montserrat Bertran Award on March 12 for her social work.

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