The Cambrils neighbor who tried to steal with a trench coat

In the early hours of Monday, February 28, a man in a trench coat and a scar on his face entered a villa on Carrer Marina, corner with Pere Albalat, in the Fontcoberta de Vinyols i els Arcs urbanization (residential area next to the Cambrils Town Hall The building alarm went off and the alleged thief backed up and walked away.

The notice reached the alarm center, the owners and the Cambrils Local Police. The intruder would have entered a garden and after hearing the perimeter alarm had left. The Cambrils Local Police, which has the police station just 200 meters away, was the first to arrive at the scene.

They gathered information and notified the night patrols, both local and Mossos, of the search for a man in a trench coat who could be a suspected thief.

Half an hour later, a patrol was circulating along Calle Girona, at the height of Monestir de Poblet. There they saw a man who could match the one they were looking for: a trench coat and a scar on his face. He stopped it and was asked for documentation. He is 32 years old and lives in the fishing village.

In the frisk, different supporting documents were located, but with modifications in the personal data. In other words, he had false documentation. In addition, he was booked by the Police for different reasons in the last two years. The patrol proceeded to arrest him and he was charged with attempted robbery with force.

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