The CAT invests more to avoid trencaments to the canonades d’agua

The Consorci d’Aigües de Tarragona (CAT), which manages the ministransvasament d’agua de l’Ebre a Tarragona, has confirmed that a corrosion by external chlorurs coming from the reg per superfície amb aigües brackish will be the cause of the collapse of the main cannonade to the seu pas per l’Ametlla de Mar, the desembre passat. Tot plegat and to avoid this punt black of the xarxa, the CAT will reinforce the investments and has bet for a variant of the main cannonade amb formigó armat. The project is already in the bidding phase.

The CAT is going to present the traditional annual balance sheet and the main action factors for this year in Tortosa. In general terms, the consumption of water by part of the consortia has increased to 70.14 Hm3 of annual consumption, While in 2020 this figure stood at 63.77% as a result of the pandemic, in 2029 this value was 73.19%. The most significant increase has occurred in the industrial sector, which has increased its consumption by 22.6% compared to 2020. “The increase in industry in 2021 is due to the pandemic,” explained the managing director of l’ens, Josep Xavier Pujol.

The CAT will work during 2021 in projects related to security, such as the underground car park (both a cost of 3.3 million euros) and the Coll de Balaguer air tram (both a cost of 2.1 million d’euros). Així mateix highlights in the area of ​​the ETAP de l’Ampolla the physical and logical security system with 1.2 million euros invested, the roughing project of the crude water dipòsit that allows to remove the macrofits that are hi formen (0.5 million) and the reduction of microbiological risk through an ultraviolet light irradiation plant to improve water quality (3.6 million). Al Vendrell has just built a regulator deposit, to increase the capacity of regulation and guarantee (3.6 million).

Millions and projects 2022

The passat desembre is going to break a canonada tram to l’Ametlla de Mar, also affecting proper property owners. “The ability to respond and react will allow the service to be restored in 30 hours, but it will affect private owners,” explained the president of the CAT, Joan Alginet. «We are going to order a report from the CSIC to study the reasons and this is the material that will happen in 2020 in l’Ampolla, due to external factors: corrosion due to external chlorides from the reg due to brackish ambient surfaces at the end of the temps».

In order to avoid future complications, the CAT has announced the construction of a 375-meter variant of new cannon of formigó armat and 1.6 meters in diameter to divert the current one. It is anticipated that it will be finalized at the end of June.

The CAT will continue working on the implantation of the monitoring system of the main canyon, as well as the installation of fiber optics along the 85 km of the traçat, to monitor in real time and to continue the structural status of the canon avoid the trencament d’spires d’acer and its deterioration. The project has a cost of 7 million euros.

They will also invest 9.9 million in a second supply of fresh water to the l’Ampolla DWTP with 185,000 cubic meters of capacity, which will double the current capacity and increase the supply guarantee. Amb this objective is also to build a new regulatory deposit to Vila-seca of 25,000 cubic meters and that will cost 8.4 million euros. All two projects are in the bidding phase and will be awarded in April.

With the strategic lines to be discussed in the 2022-2026 plan, the CAT will especially promote transparency and because it has increased the web page, where the remuneration appears public. “Transparency is a fixation that has the status of a president, because it is a public service to the citizenry”, Alginet will express.

Sustainability is one of the other commitments marked by the CAT, and in this sense I plan to install two photovoltaic parks for self-consumption on the covers of two large-scale tanks, one in Ampolla and another in Constatí.

Regarding the proposal of Movem Terres de l’Ebre for a reversal agreement with the one that is going to be agreed in the case of the Ter amb l’Area Metropolitana de Barcelona, ​​Alginet will declare that «it is not possible to compare the reality of the Ter amb l’Ebre, since the capture of the Ter pot will reach 70% of the cabal and l’Ebre parlem d’a 0.7% of the cabal» and that «the CAT must be on the margin of political positions».

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