The City Council of Altafulla approves a nou pressupost for this year 2022

The Ple de l’Ajuntament d’Altafulla will approve these dilluns on the vespre General Budget for the year 2022 which consolidates a figure of €10,787,964.72what believed 17.97% (€8,849,442.03) compared to 2021.

The government team of L’EINA, in the minority since the end of August of every year, will be able to get the approval of the comptes per enguany, thanks to the favorable vote of the PSC, the abstention of the non-assigned councilor Xavier Rofas and the vote of qualitat of the mayor Jordi Molinera, who will defer the tie in the vote.

Thanks to això, the Altafulla City Council will allocate a total of 2,330,250 million euros from the budget approved for investments Highlights include the remodeling of Carrer de Dalt (€700,000), the renovation of the Brises del Mar urbanization (€400,000), the renovation of Plaça dels Vents de Baix a Mar (€375,000), the transformation of Plaça Martí Royo of the center of the village (€175,000), and the renovation of the energy system at the Escola La Portalada (€150,000), among d’altres millores per al municipi.

The councilor of Hisenda, Dani Franquès, will thank the favorable vote of the councilor of the PSC, Inma Morales, and the non-assigned councilor Xavier Rofas abstained, who allowed that “Altafulla compti amb nou pressupost per confront our reptes per a la village”. Rofas is going to link the seva vote to not authorize the installation of more restoration premises, precisely, to the Martí Royo square.

The edil d’Hisenda will remark that it is a tract of a pressupost “realistic, more social, inclusive together with the municipal groups of the Ple, which freezes taxes, increases tax credits for citizens, and increases social welfare parties and subsidies to local entities”.

Of the more than 2.3 million euros per investment, a total of 1,562,500 million euros will come from loans. So much from Altafulla Alternative as from Junts and Ara are going to criticize this because a large part of the investments continue to be financed with a long-term credit and they are not waiting for the treasury romanent of every year, all of which of the government is going to affirm that when the romanent arrives it will serve to eixugar part of the public deute.

Also in the capítol d’inversions, one of the projects of the mandate is that of the future day center and residence for the great people of the municipality The government is waiting for the feasibility study to determine if this is possible to build in the Cabana area.

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