The CSN authorizes the extension of the temporary warehouse of the Ascó nuclear power plant

The Plenary of the Nuclear Safety Council (CSN) has authorized this Wednesday the modification of the Individualized Temporary Storage (ATI) of the Ascó nuclear power plant, in Tarragona, to expand its capacity due to the current degree of occupation. This is indicated in a communiqué from the CSN in which it is stated that it has also received favorable information on the proposals for changes to the Technical Specifications for Operation (ETF) and the associated Safety Studies.

In addition, the favorable assessment of the changes to the Radioactive Waste Management Plan (PGRR) of the facility resulting from said modification of the ITA has been issued. This modification, according to the CSN, is intended to increase the capacity of the ATI of the Ascó nuclear power plant, due to the current degree of occupancy, both of the spent fuel pools of both units and of the facility’s own ATI.

The second request that has been reported favorably is the proposal to change the Ascó Physical Protection Plan, also as a result of the modification of the Individualized Temporary Warehouse.

Insurance compensation for nuclear damage

The Plenary has also agreed to send to the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge (Miteco) the report containing the comments of the CSN on the Draft Order of the aforementioned Ministry, which establishes the reinsurance system in charge of the consortium of insurance compensation in civil liability for nuclear damage.

This Draft Order regulates the conditions of the reinsurance contract, which will allow insurance companies to assume coverage for the risks arising from civil liability for nuclear accidents caused by nuclear substances, since the group of insurance and reinsurance companies does not reach the minimum limit of liability provided by law.

In other words, it deals with administrative and financial provisions relating to insurance companies and the Insurance Compensation Consortium, which are not the responsibility of the CSN’s Technical Directorates. The report concludes that the Draft Order does not contain aspects that have an impact on nuclear safety and radiological protection of nuclear facilities or on activities associated with the transport of radioactive material, so there are no objections to the content.

Agreement between the CSN and the Ministry of the Interior

On the other hand, the CSN has authorized the establishment of an agreement between the Ministry of the Interior and the CSN on physical protection of nuclear and radioactive facilities, activities and materials.

The activities that are necessary for the development of the actions foreseen in this agreement will not generate direct specific expense neither for the Ministry of the Interior nor for the CSN. This agreement will be valid for four years and will enter into force once it is registered in the state Electronic Registry of Cooperation Bodies and Instruments of the state public sector within five business days from its formalization.

New linear accelerators in Navarra

The CSN, in its weekly meeting, has also authorized the installation of three new linear accelerators, Varian brand, in the University Hospital of Navarra, in Pamplona for radiotherapy treatments. In the same authorization, the three existing accelerators in the hospital, from the same supplier, are withdrawn. The new devices will occupy the bunkers of the previous equipment, without the need to carry out any physical modification of the installation. Once the change of equipment is carried out, the hospital may request the CSN to start up the installation, after a mandatory inspection by the regulatory body.

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