The Generalitat will study to build a railway branch to the Catalunya Sud industrial estate

The Catalunya Sud industrial estate in Tortosa i l’Aldea needs a railway branch to the Mediterranean Corridor and more availability of industrial land. The request has been transferred directly to the president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, who has visited these dimecres the works of the Kronospan multinational conglomerate’s nau de taulons.

The company plans to expand its facilities, as well as a future factory for oriented particle boards, which is not a fan of Spain. Això would suppose to double the current investment, of 274 MEUR, but with a railway link to import to Europe and has demanded economic aid from the Government. Aragonès has said that he sees “amb molt bons ulls” el projecte “i que s’estudiarà.

Kronospan has built a first building of 94,000 square metres, on a plot of 25 hectares, but the company is studying expanding its investment in Tortosa while the City Council works with Incasòl to expand the availability of industrial land to Catalunya Sud polygon.

Kronospan’s investment has increased “exponentially”, from the 200 million euros announced at the beginning, to the current 274 million euros. The general director of the company in Spain, Javier Macicior, has explained that they study future lines that double this investment and also the generation of labor bills.

Ara is building “the most modern conglomerate taulon factory in Europe and the world”, as Macicior has highlighted, and it is to expand both a line of OSB taulons, of oriented particles, both natural whips, which must be able to export because it is not work “prou a Espanya” -nor is it produced in cap lloc de l’estat espanyol-.

For Kronospan, it is “basic” for the project to build a railway branch to the plant. In a previous meeting between the Aragonese president and the Minister of Business, Roger Torrent, he has demanded technical, administrative and economic support from the Generalitat as much as possible.

If the trajectory of the branch is concrete with the help of the Catalan administration, Kronospan will talk with Adif, “because the installation of this infrastructure is not simple”. But with the approval of the general director of the multinational, Catalonia will have a European railway extension, a “very important” factor for the company “to send the trains directly to the north of Europe”.

Extension of Catalunya Sud

L’Incasòl has initiated the procedures to extend the delimiting urbanizable area that has the Catalunya Sud industrial estate at the municipal term of Tortosa.

It will go from the current 170 hectares to more than 300, 130 more hectares, including green areas and equipment and roads, which will facilitate the expansion of Kronospan and the implementation of other companies in the sector that are part of the cluster promoted by the multinational , here with companies from other areas and activities.

It is expected that the planning will be completed by the end of the year and will be transferred to the Tortosa town hall because it can initiate the approval of the partial plan.

Operaris i maquinària treballant als terrenys del Catalunya Sud on Kronospan built the first ship per fer taulons de conglomerat de fusta

Operaris i maquinària treballant als terrenys del Catalunya Sud on Kronospan built the first ship per fer taulons de conglomerat de fusta. Photo: ACN

Pol d’economia circular

The Catalunya Sud industrial estate has made important investments in the last few months and years and the president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, has presented it as an example of the “green, digital and circular economy reindustrialization that the country needs”.

Aragonès has also supported the commitment to Catalonia and the Terres de l’Ebre with the investment “of a considerable volume and impact” by Kronospan and the initial creation of 180 labor unions. “Other companies will follow Kronospan or Florette, in the passat, with investments related to l’Ebre”, he assured.

The president has said that the Government will facilitate both strategic policies for the development of the Catalunya Sud industrial estate and the company for business implementations, as well as specific training to convey the investment and that the companies will have qualified professionals in the territory for the qualified work courses.

Given the request of the railway branch, the president’s commitment has stated that the project will be studied technically and economically. “A polygon with a branch and a railway connection with the Mediterranean corridor is supposed to affect the value and increase the value of both bons ulls. Now it pertains to the technical work of traçat, of pending, and with possible investment”, he assured.

The president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès. They connect the Kronospan project with the help of the general director Javier Macicior and the mayor of Tortosa, Meritxell Roigé. Photo: ACN

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