The Montmell macrofiesta devastated a vineyard

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– There are denounced by the Mossos

The illegal party held last weekend in El Montmell and which brought together a thousand people, devastated a vineyard.

The landowners explain that about 200 vines have appeared destroyed by the passage of vehicles who attended the party. In that area of ​​vineyards, many cars entered to park.

The owners of the land verified this Tuesday the effects of the passage of the macrofiesta through their farm. As he has explained, they will be able to file a complaint at the Mossos police station in Valls.

The affected vineyard

The Mossos d’Esquadra Fifteen people have already been denounced for drug use and another five for alcohol during the controls at the entrances and exits of the open space where the party was held that lasted two days.

The land is in the Sant Marc valley and has the size of a football field. Police sources explained that the owner of the land filed a complaint for the occupation of the farm.


The party, called Carnival, brought together a thousand people and was convened through social networks. It attracted people even from France.

The owners of the farm will file a complaint.

The organizers set up tents and a bar where drinks and food were sold, as well as a stage for the performances. Neighbors of the area explain that It is not the first time that similar parties are organized.

The owners of the vineyard lament the damage to the vines. They also explain that they have received threats if they publish photos of cars that entered their farm showing the license plates.

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