The motorcycle and light vehicle sector grows 23.3% in February

The motorcycle and light vehicle sector closed the month of February with growth of 23.3% in year-on-year terms. During the shortest month of the year, a total of 14,686 vehicle units have been registered: 12,422 motorcycles, 1,367 mopeds, 265 tricycles and 632 quadricycles.

By market segments, the rise experienced by motorcycles stands out, which was 21.9%. Mopeds have improved the data by 30.4%, tricycles by 61.6%, light quads by 52.1% and heavy quads by 5.8%.

“The rebound in February confirms the positive trend with which the 2022 financial year began, consolidating the figure for January, which experienced a year-on-year growth of 33.7%,” said José María Riaño, general secretary of ANESDOR.


In the motorcycle market, the growth of scooters stands out (+25.5%). The road ones also present favorable data (+24.8%), while the field ones go back (-13.4%).

By communities, the three markets that have offered the best data have been the Balearic Islands, 109.4%, Galicia, 45.5%, and La Rioja 38.3%.

The data for the electric motorcycle has also been positive, which has rebounded 100% this month, doubling the deliveries of February 2021, as a result of the growth of both the private channel and the rental channel.

Live the Motorcycle Fair

During this year and as a result of the return to normality, the sector has recovered the Vive La Moto Show, which will be held at IFEMA, between March 31 and April 2. The good market moment will be reflected in the most outstanding fair event of the motorcycle calendar in Spain.

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