The thieves of a moon landing to steal catalysts in Reus, arrested in Valencia

Last Tuesday, February 22, the alarms went off in a Reus company located on Adrià Gual street. A white van was stamped against the metal door of this ship and allowed access to the interior to three people, who took the opportunity to take twenty catalysts, cash and other spare parts.

Mossos and the Guàrdia Urbana de Reus arrived shortly after the crime and activated a fence in case they could hunt down the criminals. The information collected was scarce and it was only known that there could be three people and that they had left in a second vehicle, which was parked a few meters from the assaulted ship.

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The thieves took the highway to Valencia and managed to escape from the police cordon. They reached the town of Paterna, in Valencia, where they planned to act in a second moon landing in a local business.

However, patrols from the Paterna Local Police and agents from the National Police, who had been following this gang for some time, were waiting for them there. In fact, they managed to intercept the robbery in Paterna and arrest the three occupants of the vehicle and the material stolen a few hours earlier in Reus.

The arrest on February 22 itself was the gateway to the dismantling of a criminal organization dedicated to the theft of catalysts and committing robbery with force in commercial premises using the moon landing method in the Levante area, moving very quickly between several towns in the Valencian Community and Catalonia.

The operation allowed the arrest of 6 men, between 16 and 46 years old, as alleged perpetrators of the crimes of robbery with force, robbery or theft of use of a vehicle and belonging to a criminal organization.

The arrest occurred during the last week of February in the framework of a joint police operation between the National Police and the Local Police of Paterna, established after the vehicles in which the suspects were traveling were detected in this town. related to robbery with force in commercial premises through the procedure of the moon landing, as well as theft of catalysts.

The investigations culminated in two searches, of an address located in Valencia (capital) and of a motorhome, where the agents found and intervened 36 catalysts, 2,630 euros in cash, a metal reading device valued at 33,000 euros, as well as various tools to commit robbery in shops and catalytic converters.

In addition, the investigators recovered a stolen high-end vehicle with which the robberies were committed. Those arrested, three with police records, went to court, ordering the entry into prison of 5 of them, while the minor has been admitted to a center for minors.

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