The wound in the Carnival correfoc is “stable” in the Vall d’Hebron

The woman who was injured yesterday in the Tarragona Carnival correfoc is in “stable, but with serious injuries” at the Vall d’Hebron Hospital in Barcelona, ​​where she was transferred immediately after the accident.

The events took place in Plaça de la Font, when there were only a few minutes left before the correfoc would end. According to the first information, a spark jumped to one of the components of the Griu de Tarragona who, according to the Councilor for Culture of the City Council, Inés Solé, was carrying French pyrotechnics.

It was at that moment when the protocol was applied. Solé highlights “the rapid and immediate action”, both by the emergency services, as well as by the municipal technicians, as well as by the rest of the fire groups, who carried out a security perimeter that allowed the injured woman to be treated quickly. In a matter of a few minutes, ambulances, security forces and Civil Protection arrived at Plaça de la Font.

The woman, in her 40s, a resident of Tarragona and a member of Griu, was immediately transferred to the Vall d’Hebron Hospital in Barcelona. “The next few hours are key to its evolution,” said Solé a while ago, who added that “we are in contact with the family and, of course, from the City Council we want to show our full support and predisposition.”

At the moment, the causes of the accident are being investigated, but they would have nothing to do with the operation of the correfoc. Solé flatly rules out that there is a change in the nature of the act. “The protocol was impeccable. It is an accident and these things happen. As they also happen in other manifestations of popular culture. The correfocs is an activity that has been carried out for many years,” said the councilor, who added that long time that an incident of these magnitudes did not occur in Tarragona.

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