They intercept three thieves when they were going to steal in a service area of ​​the AP-2

Mossos d’Esquadra of the Valls police station have arrested three men aged 21, 31 and 33 respectively, as alleged perpetrators of a crime of attempted theft this morning, Wednesday, March 2.

The arrests are the result of the theft prevention device on the highway that was being carried out on the AP-2 tonight from March 1 to 2. A patrol that was in the Rodonyà service area (AltCamp) saw how two vehicles, a car and a van, entered the service area, stopped near a truck parking area and suspiciously turned off their lights. .

Next, the Mossos saw how three individuals got out of the vehicles and went stealthily and quickly to a truck and cut its tarpaulin to see what load it was carrying inside. The agents quickly went to the truck and watched as the three men went to the back door of the truck to force it open.

Being surprised, the thieves got into the van and the car to leave at high speed and avoid being arrested.

The Mossos were able to intercept the tourism and arrest its driver. As for the van, the service area patrol informed the rest of the indicators that were part of the vehicle data device, its description and the direction of the leak.

Thanks to this information, a Montblanc patrol established a checkpoint at the exit of the AP-2 in El Pla de Santa Maria and, minutes later, they stopped the van with the two individuals inside.

After making several checks, the agents arrested the two men from the van for their participation in the attempted robbery of Rodonyà’s truck. In the registry, the agents located and intervened several tools used to force vehicles.

The three detainees have spent this Wednesday morning at the disposition of the trial court in Valls guard functions.

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