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They rule out mistreatment in the death of the dog found in a ditch in Calafell

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– Was found in a ditch

The autopsy performed on the dog that was found dead in the bushes in Calafell rules out that the cause was abuse. According to the City Council, the animal did not present injuries or fractures, but instead showed a dilated cardiomyopathy, which could be the cause of death.

Neither is intoxication ruled out by a accidental ingestion of plant protection products used in agriculture., that do not leave remains to be able to evaluate them.

The body of the animal was found by some young women in a ditch between bushes. The Local Police went to the area and removed the body to check if he had an implanted chip.

The implant showed that the animal it was in the name of two people. As the Diari learned, he had been in a shelter that could have given him up for adoption to the other person who was listed as the owner, an elderly man from Calafell.

Now it is checked who the current holder was and if the transfer was correct. Police also launched a file for the abandonment of the body on public roadswhich is a violation of the municipal ordinance.

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