Torredembarra activates a game for the ‘salvation’ of the Antic Escorxador building

One of the most unnoticed historic buildings in the center of Torredembarra is the Antic Escorxador, located in the square of the same name. The building dates back to the last third of the 19th century when the architect Ramon Salas and the master builder Manuel Ramon i Huguet were in charge of designing and erecting a new one-story building in an area of ​​690 square meters.

The equipment, promoted by the City Council of the time (the political leader was the councilor for health Josep Boronat) was intended to solve the unhealthiness of the old slaughterhouse that operated in the town, on Carnisseria street, and which offered a deplorable state, according to chronicles of the time with the complaints of the professionals.

The slaughterhouse that replaced the one on Calle Carnisseria was inaugurated in 1865 and worked well into the 20th century. Commercial activity dwindled and the building closed down and slowly faded into oblivion. It was born as municipal property and this ownership is still in force today.

‘Uncomfortable’ building

Over the years, this trapezoid-shaped building became integrated with the growth of the city but without any interest in reusing it for other activities. Over time, political campaigns and candidates saw in this building an opportunity to revitalize it to give life to the square where it is located.

In 2010, within the Llei de Barris, Torredembarra saw the opportunity to obtain regional money to revitalize the Torrense historic center and with it also give the building a boost. Over the years, the building languished unstoppably and its deterioration slowly weakened the structure, although at that time there was no risk of it collapsing.
Among the ideas that were raised more than a decade ago was that of reusing that building in a civic center and providing a social response to one of the city’s areas.

The proposal was defended by the Alternative Baix Gaià (ABG), foolish in the opposition as in its government stage, but the political idea was left only in a proposal that did not have much travel. After the Llei de Barris, the Antic Escorxador continued to languish in this part of the city.

In recent years there has been talk of the Antic Escorxador, but nothing that could understand that there would be a firm action to be able to save it from an unwanted collapse. Mayor Eduard Rovira explained a few weeks ago, when the budgets for this year were being finalized, that he had intended to save an economic item to make a first performance at the Antic Escorxador, an action that was the prelude to providing a solution to a building with architectural interest and protected within the local cataloging.

The last Thursday of February, the plenary session of Torredembarra approved the accounts for this year. And within the investment chapter there are 40,000 euros for the Antic Escorxador. Mayor Rovira points out that it is an economic item for the first actions and to stop the deterioration of the 19th century building.

The money will be used to recycle the corrugated iron on the roof (which requires a process controlled by the asbestos that this construction material has) and in a second phase the studies and technical work will be commissioned to carry out the restoration project of the building. It will then be decided what use it can have and if these 690 square meters of plot will house another complementary structure to the one that currently exists in this part of the city.

Unlike 12 years ago, with the proposal of ABG and its civic center in this part of the municipality, now there are no solid proposals for this enclave and the social, economic and political situation has changed. The intention of the local government is to preserve the building and prevent a 19th century property from collapsing due to the inaction of its owners, in this case the City Council. And then you will see what can be considered in this property.

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