A transsexual woman, new president of the PP?

The Valencian transsexual student Alexia Herranz, 29, has informed this Thursday of her intention to request the necessary support to present her candidacy for the national presidency of the PP in the XX congress that will be held in Seville on April 2 and 3. According to her, she assures her, her candidacy already has the necessary guarantees to run for the presidency of the Popular Party and she is willing to carry out an “exciting campaign with a lot of heart, in a positive way, and always close to the members.”

Herranz has been a member of the PP since 2017, and decided to join, as he explains, when this formation voted in the regional parliament “against the Valencian Law for Free Self-Determination and Gender Identity.”

“This proposal comes from grassroots members, not from any position or member, but from those who distribute brochures and put up posters. It is time for our voice to be heard, not to confront anyone, but to add. We have to show that all orientations are represented, because we are already militants, we must break taboos and closets within the party, and we will go as far as they let us”, he added.

The pre-candidate has admitted that her goal is not really to be president of the PP, something that would make her “very excited”, but “to get it to be shown that we are fighting people and perhaps in 20 years LGTBI people will be at the forefront of the PP”. “I am not afraid to face Feijóo, he is a brave and upright man, but the PP is the sum of all his affiliates. There will be people more prepared than me, but I have experiences and background that perhaps others do not have and that are necessary “, he insisted.

Regarding the last crisis experienced within the PP, she claims to feel “proud of Ayuso” and assumes “self-criticism about what happened, because the party should never be used for self-destruction.” Herranz already presented in December 2021 his intention to seek support to preside over the PP of Gandia, his town, denouncing that he was not represented by the formation and that he had felt separated from it, but he did not obtain the necessary guarantees even to dispute the position to Víctor Soler.

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