Casa Navàs exhibits the Carnival costumes

The costumes for the two dances of the Germandat dels Set Pecats Capitals in Reus –the Carnestoltes i els Set Pecats and the Quaresma i les Set Virtuts– have occupied the windows of Casa Navàs for the first time this year during the Carnival, and they will continue to do so, in fact, until next Wednesday, March 9. The initiative has been a challenge for the entity. «And it is that, in addition to setting up a sample of each dance in its corresponding window, the dresses themselves have also been used on the days that we have gone out to perform in the streets; with which the exhibition has been alive during the celebration of the Carnival”, explains Jordi Cisa, member of the Germandat dels Set Pecats Capitals.

Assembling and dismantling –according to the appearances they had to make in public– has been possible “thanks to the organization and coordination maintained between the members who have come to place the different elements”, he distinguishes. It has meant extra work, compared to other normal years and without Covid, but “we have done it with enthusiasm, since many have had to work, for their part, on the choreographies, to have everything ready and we are who we are”, value. This assembly, without a doubt, has been a curious alliance between modernism and Carnival.

Both from Casa Navàs and from the entity they have verified that the exhibition has had “a lot of visibility”. «There was no day that our acquaintances told us that they had seen the shop windows full of people; with families, and especially, children looking at the wardrobe », he points out. The curious, who have been approaching these days, have been able to see more closely the details of the masks and the making of the fabrics, as well as the variety of symbols on the garments.

“There is nothing that was done at random,” he says, recalling the creation of both dances. Each sin, as can be seen in the exhibition, has aesthetic reasons related to the essence of its nature. Another aspect that can be seen in the two windows is that sins and virtues “are the two sides of the coin, they are opposites,” she says. Having them together, one in front of the other in the exhibition, is key to having a joint vision of a project that Germandat created in a “thoughtful way and taking care of details”.

the staging

The exhibition also helps Cisa to comment on the staging of each of the dances. «The Ball del Carnestoltes i els Set Pecats is an act in which the members interpret and that is an important function; because in addition to working on a choreography, they get out of hand. For us, how they do it – working on giving sins a personality – is fundamental », she maintains. About the Ball de la Quaresma i les Set Virtuts, she describes herself, that «it is a different performance, it is solemn and elegant; It is the one that scares the little ones the most, too, because virtues have two faces (front and back), and Quaresma, dressed entirely in black, is impressive », she concludes.

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