Fatal accidents drop by 45% in the Penedès

Fatal traffic accidents in the Penedès fell by 45% last year compared to 2019 – 2020 is excluded due to covid confinements. Last year there were 11 fatalities in 11 accidents compared to 20 fatalities and 18 accidents two years ago.

According to the data presented this Thursday by the Servei Català de Trànsit (SCT), almost all the fatal accidents were in Alt Penedès, except for 2 events in Garraf and 2 others in l’Anoia, while in Baix Penedès there were no neither. As for the roads where these accidents occurred, 6 of the 11 cases were on the secondary road network, while there were 2 on the C-15. Compared to 2010, fatal and seriously injured accidents fell by 40%.

As for the set of traffic accidents in the four counties, in 2021 there were 707, with 963 injured or dead. The number of accidents is 3.8% lower than in 2019, while the number of people affected is 11.2% less. In relation to severity, last year there were 46 serious injuries (+2.2%), while the minor ones were 906 (-11.2%).

In the case of fatal accidents, the SCT has highlighted that 6 of the 11 people who lost their lives were motorcyclists or pedestrians, considered vulnerable groups. In fact, the data confirms that in the Penedès 3 of the 14 deadly abuses that occurred to the whole of the Catalan network during the last year were recorded.

many during the weekend

In relation to the casuistry of the accidents, half of the fatalities occurred on weekends or holidays, a fact that leads the SCT to conclude that they were accidents that occurred in the context of leisure mobility. Most of the claims were in the afternoon.

The data was presented this Thursday from Vilafranca by the director of the SCT, Ramon Lamiel, with the territorial delegate of the Government in the Penedès vegueria, David Alquézar and the head of the South Metropolitan Transit Regional Area, Marc Patxot.

Those responsible for Trànsit have indicated that in the Penedès there has also been an increase in accidents with an animal involved, following the same dynamics throughout Catalonia. Wild boars are the main animals causing these events.

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