Marc Trilles: “If I stopped being aggressive I would play in the second regional”

Marc Trilles (Vilafamés, 30 years old) has managed to recover a title that seemed impossible. While he watched the weekend’s games from the bench, during the week the man from Castellón did not stop working in each training session. Demanding himself and demanding his teammates to be better.

He was preparing for when the window of ownership would open again. Against Betis Deportivo he came out ready to turn it into his moment. And boy did he do it. Since then he has formed an almost invincible pair of central defenders. Only one goal has been conceded by Nàstic in five games since the player from Castellón returned to eleven.

Does it give the impression that the team feels strong?

As a team the numbers are there. They don’t cheat. Defensively we are a rock. We have 13-14 clean sheets. It’s a barbarity. I don’t remember any year in my career with tatnat clean sheets at this point. From there is where we have to become strong. Above are the teams that fit the least. We have to grow and exploit this great virtue

It is always said that the defense is not only behind.

And it is not. People from all lines are very supportive. He has commitment. It is a success for the whole team.

The feeling is that when the team is ahead it is very difficult to come back.

The defensive virtue is giving us a lot of points. We know that in this aspect we are strong but it also means that when we score 1-0 we still disconnect from the ball and focus on defending, because we are not as good with the ball as at the beginning.

That is the main complaint that is attributed to the team. Perhaps the only one.

We have to improve in that aspect because in important games or play-offs, if we go in, you have to demand more of yourself. It’s not enough to just defend. You have to do more things with the ball. A cushion of two goals is better than one because any silly play like a penalty can make you a goal. We have to be aware that we have to have more of the ball.

For you the film has changed. From playing punctually at the beginning of the course, he has become an undisputed starter. Do you feel that way?

In football you can never feel like a starter. Not because it is disrespectful to other teammates, but because a player always has to live on the wire, maintain the demand so as not to lose his place.

When you go out to play you have to leave everything for 90 minutes, because in a week everything can change. Being on the bench isn’t easy, it’s the players who are there who need to be supported the most.

You have been on the bench for a long time this season. They say it has been exemplary. How has it been seen?

I have surprised myself, honestly. I had never experienced it and had always admired those teammates who were still 15 weeks without playing and trained every day like the best. No bad faces. From within you want that kind of teammates, with that spirit.

So when I have had to be in that situation I have tried to do what I thought was best for me, but above all for the group. It is clear that we all like to play, but only eleven come out.

You don’t experience a match sitting on the sideline the same as on the pitch.

Not at all. On the bench, any day I have a heart attack, if I continue for many years. Inside the field you live it calmer. You know there are nerves outside, but you are focused on the field and everything is calmer. It is something that experience has given me. Before, I was more temperamental. It was harder for me to control myself. Especially with the referees. But over the years I have improved.

“Calm” would not be the adjective that would put Marc Trilles.

Football is everything to me. I live those 90 minutes as if my life were going. Behind there are many people who suffer. The fans, managers, employees, colleagues, etc.

My way of dealing with it is to go to the death and leave everything on the pitch. It’s my way of watching football. Nor do I conceive the idea of ​​going out to a soccer field and not going strong. It is my essence. For what I am in the Nàstic. If Marc Trilles stopped being like that, he would play in the Second Regional.

There is maturity in the yellow ones.

Not only in terms of tickets or cards, the experience is allowing me to enjoy football more from within. Because sometimes you don’t value many things about the game. I have gone from suffering football to enjoying it.

The goal is missing. He hasn’t scored any in his career. Well, two, last year but both were canceled. And they were legal.

I remember here against Badalona and against Ebro in the Federation Cup. Both legal. I have had options. In the last two games I have been close and in training I also do a lot.

It’s not something that worries me. Hopefully I can score goals, of course. One always likes to score and I would love to celebrate one with the Nàstic shirt.

You who were at Lleida Esportiu, are you surprised by what is happening at the club?

No, nothing. I’m glad of the change because Lleida is a football city and it deserves to have a proper football project. From the outside I’m glad that people recover that enthusiasm for the team.

He did not have an amicable way out of there.

The people of Lleida really know who the bad guys in the movie were. I understand that some fans did not understand that I came to Tarragona, because of the rivalry. But my time there was over. It was not easy day to day with managers. It burns a lot.

People don’t know what was going on inside. Weekly there were problems with the contracts of the new players that arrived. Coming back to me, my stage helped me grow. It was my first experience outside of Castellón.

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