Salou, home of the first symposium of professionals of sociocultural animation

Salou has inaugurated, this morning, the I International Symposium of professionals of the Sociocultural Animation of Catalonia and the II Trobada d’Estudiants d’Sociocultural Animation of Catalonia, which is due to terme at the Teatre Auditori (TAS), des d’avui i fins demà diendres, March 4.

Mayor Pere Granados, together with the president of the Coordinator for Sociocultural Animation of Catalonia (CASC_CAT), Anna Belén Fernández, and the treasurer of the Association of Professionals of Sociocultural Animation at State level, Ximo Valero, has participate in the opening act. Also present were the councilor of Serveis Culturals, Xavier Montalà, and the councilor of Serveis Educatius, Julia Gómez.

PHOTO: Ah. Salou

The mayor, who has spoken of diversity, inclusion and social integration, has agreed, in the first place, the fet d’haver escollit Salou to organize the Symposium and the second meeting. Granados has recalled that Salou is a city with 29,000 registered inhabitants, in which more than 100 nationalities live together, a fet that “means a great cultural wealth for our municipality”, which is “hospitalary and supportive”, as defined.

Així mateix, has said that “diversity must serve to integrate and include”; Affecting that “the attitude that I represent is essential for the majority of coexistence and respect, and for the happiest people”.

Finally, it has been highlighted that the policies to promote the socio-cultural animation of Haurien be more tingudes in compte pels governants, because they are a queen to make society and be million people.

The president of the Coordinator for the Sociocultural Animation of Catalonia (CASC_CAT), Anna Belén Fernández, has explained that “sociocultural animation is very important if it allows the communities to be strengthened and to achieve objectives that are difficult to endure in other instances. officers”. She has affirmed that this practice “is a way of life, an attitude and a way of doing things that accompanies each community project”; It is “a strategy of social transformation, which is essential to be able to approach a more solidary and more just future”.

Així mateix, the treasurer of the Association of Professionals of Sociocultural Animation at the State level and director of AUCA Serveis Educatius, Ximo Valero, has assenyalat that “this finding will turn the municipality of Salou into the epicenter of the experiences, of the initiatives, projects and experiences, to the voltant of sociocultural animation”. Així mateix, he has discussed the 9 thematic lines of the symposium and the meeting: tourist animation; environmental education; cultural diversity; functional diversity; arts and social action; gender and sexual diversity; intergenerationality; community development and participation; i salut i benestar, from sociocultural animation.

The speakers have thanked the collaboration of the Salou City Council and AUCA Serveis Educatius; of all the parties involved in the organization; and of the professors and students of the Institut Jordi de Sant Jordi, of the Institut Vidal i Barraquer of Tarragona, and of the Institut Jaume I of Salou, among d’altres.

At the end of the event, the inaugural conference “Activating intersectionality” was held, in the name of The Relational, a collection that catalyzes relationships and practices that move between education, cultural creation and community dynamization. It is the first paper of the set of activities that lasts a term, between avui and others.

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