Solidarity crosses borders: Tarragona turns to Ukraine

While the signs of solidarity and the collection points for medicine and food for Ukraine spread like an oil stain throughout the province, the ‘Es per Tu’ association from Terres de l’Ebre and also Ukrainian residents of the territory, such as the Olena Nesteruk, recall that the opening of a humanitarian corridor and the specification of protocols are urgently needed to be able to welcome those fleeing the war.

The delegation of the NGO, which welcomes children from Chernobyl during the holidays, began a small campaign on Sunday to collect food and medicine for the families they know, but with the spread on the networks, it has grown so much that dozens of municipalities , companies and individuals have joined, exceeding all forecasts.

“We have asked for help”, added Artur Martínez, from ‘És per Tu’. The NGO is establishing contacts with official organizations and institutions to send all the material that is collected. How far they can get it, they still don’t know. “The first objective is the area where our families live, Ivankiv, but it is almost impossible because it was one of the first to be occupied. If it cannot be, we will send it to the safe areas where they can reach the civilian population and if not, to the warehouses of borders, like Poland”, explained Martínez.

“Getting help to the first occupied areas will be almost impossible but we will do everything possible”

Artur Martínez, member of the NGO ‘És per Tu’

In La Sénia they prepare a warehouse, which an individual has given them, where they will gather all the collection. They will also have them in other Ebrense municipalities where some companies have already offered them. Donations are collected at the Citizen Service point of the Ajuntament de la Sénia and in some companies and shops in the town. “We will collaborate in everything that they will ask of us”, pointed out Alma Gimeno, councilor of the Persones de la Sénia area.

“People have to be able to leave the country. There are families with small children, pregnant women, and everything has become complicated and it is difficult to leave because they are bombing the entire territory and there is no place without danger,” Olena Nesteruk, Ukrainian, also recalled. resident in Santa Bàrbara, where he runs a bar.

“There is no safe place in Ukraine, we need humanitarian corridors”

Olena Nesteruk, Ukrainian living in Santa Bàrbara

If humanitarian corridors were opened, Olena is convinced that the territory has the capacity and the will to welcome them, especially since the support these days is overwhelming. ‘Es per Tu’ has received the offer of more than two volunteer families to welcome refugees but they cannot find a way to make them leave the country.

food for all

The Banc dels Aliments de las Comarcas de Tarragona has also made its facilities and logistics available to collect food and clothing to send to Ukraine.

Starting today and over the next few days, the entity will collect basic food items and warm clothing and blankets to send imminently to Ukraine.

Those people who want to collaborate but cannot come can make a financial donation through the Banc dels Aliments website.

The entity’s president, Eusebio Alonso, has stated that “from Banc dels Aliments we want to show all our support to those people who have had to leave their homes, that is why we make our logistics and social network available”.

Along these lines, the Banc dels Aliments joins in calling for a peaceful solution since “no war will lead us to peace”.

Reus, another collection point

In addition, the Monterols Tennis Club in Reus is also a collection point. Those who wish can bring food such as rice and pasta, winter clothing and blankets or make a financial donation to the ballot boxes that have been set up for this purpose in the

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