The Diputació reassigns adjustments to repair danys dels aiguats a l’Ebre

The Diputació de Tarragona has exceptionally modified the bases of the Municipal Action Plan (PAM) 2020-2023 in order to be able to change the destination of adjustments atorgats and finance reconstruction works in such an exceptional case as the waters of Montsià del passat 1 of September.

In virtue of the new bases, Alcanar will be able to finance the reconstruction of services and infrastructures with 667,893 euros, initially foreseen for a municipal equipment. «This modification of the bases responds to the need to be flexible when allocating the economic resources that the exceptional situation requires. I al mateix temps s’adiu to the necessary speedy amb que cal fer facing urgent situations like this”, highlighted the president of the Diputació, Noemí Llauradó, in a visit to Alcanar on the grounds of the torrential plug system.

In this sense, the exceptional change in the destination of the actions is contemplated by meteorological situations that exceed the ‘alt limit’ determined by the Meteorological Service of Catalonia, based on the intensity and accumulation of flux, among other factors, as explained from the Diputació.

The Mayor of Alcanar, Joan Roig, highlighted that this decision by the Diputació through the PAM will allow 47.55 per cent of the rainwater project to be financed in the school zone in the lower part of the Alcanar area.

«It is the result of an action valued at 1.5 million euros and technically complex, since it will channel the rainwater from the roads included in the project and, moreover, in the future it will allow the collection of water from other areas more tall».

Joan Roig also highlighted “the support provided by the administrations with the Provincial Council of Tarragona to be able to advance much in the development of the urban part” malmesa pels aiguats de fa just mig any to the area.

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