Tips for choosing travel insurance

Tips for choosing travel insurance. Millions of travelers search the best travel insurance every day. To find a custom-made product and save on the full price, simply follow a few tips and compare policies online.

Travel insurance is a specific product to cover unforeseen events related to departure. Theft or loss of luggage, flight delays and the appearance of injuries or illnesses are frequent risks that can compromise the traveler's peace of mind at any time. For this reason, today there is an all-inclusive travel insurance, which guarantees compensation for damages and assistance 24 hours a day, even abroad.

How to find the insurance with the best value for money

The first step in finding affordable, personalized travel insurance is shopping around. In fact, the comparison allows you to identify in one click the policy that suits your needs, consulting the details of each coverage, from the maximum amount to the applied deductibles.

Tips for finding the right travel insurance

Find the insurance company

There are traditional travel insurance and online travel insurance. The latter are currently more convenient under various profiles. In fact, online insurance It allows you to obtain a personalized quote in a few seconds through a search engine, it can be purchased safely through the web and managed from anywhere, even from smartphones.

In addition, the reduction of management costs guarantees greater savings for the benefit of the client. To get a personalized quote, simply enter simple information like the traveler's age, destination, and departure and return dates.

Choose the type of travel insurance

Travel insurance is divided into single trip or annual Multitrip insurance. Those who travel frequently for work and leisure can save on the total cost by requesting a Multi trip quote. To guarantee the cheapest insurance, you can simulate a Multitrip quote and different quotes for a single trip. The right insurance, of course, will be the one offered at the lowest price.

What are the different insurance formulas?

Travel insurance is available in the All Inclusive formula, but upon request and if provided by the company, it is possible to purchase only baggage coverage or only medical insurance.

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All-Inclusive travel insurance is generally recommended. This type of formula allows you to protect yourself from most unforeseen events (theft or loss of luggage, need for medical assistance, trip by a family member, extension of stay, flight delay, etc.).

Customize the policy

Many companies offer personalized quotes for different types of trips (family trips, study trips, adventure trips, long stays). In this case, it is advisable to consult the offer that best suits your needs and compare it with the basic insurance.

If the company portal does not contain information on insurance for specific trips, simply contact customer service and request a personalized quote specifying the type of policy desired.

The Assistance Service

Modern insurance is multi-channel and guarantees telephone and online assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year anywhere in the world. It is important that the chosen company offers the client different contact possibilities for each type of need.

Those who travel abroad may find it difficult to communicate. In emergency situations, such as transportation or hospitalization, it is important that the insurance provides translation services.

Maximum check and below the ceiling

To find the right travel insurance, you should check the ceilings and sub-ceilings of each cover. In fact, an economic offer does not always correspond to adequate protection. The ceiling and the subceiling indicate the maximum compensation threshold. They can be expressed in numbers or in days.

Pay attention to the deductible

The deductible is a cost borne by the insured present in various travel insurance contracts. It can be inserted, for example, to cover medical expenses abroad. The hypothesis is as follows: the company covers up to €500 of medical expenses with a €100 deductible.

By paying a supplement to the purchase of travel insurance, you obtain an exemption from the deductible. The option is recommended for those traveling to countries at risk of certain diseases.

Completeness of travel insurance

The comprehensive insurance includes guarantees for all kinds of unforeseen events, such as the need to pay for a relative's trip, extend your stay or receive home care during your absence.

The most complete insurances have a higher cost, but they protect the client in 360°. The price difference compared to basic insurance is usually limited: this can be checked in the quote request.

Compensation exclusions

Like all insurance, travel policies also exclude compensation when damage occurs due to gross negligence or intentional misconduct of the customer (for example, luggage left unattended).

To purchase the appropriate travel insurance, you must read the contractual conditions, in particular the clauses that regulate the cases of exclusion of compensation. However, to protect yourself, it is essential to collect documentary, photographic or video material that demonstrates that the damage occurred for reasons other than the conduct itself.

Reviews and opinions

The Internet offers the opportunity to compare insuranceas well as reading the opinions of other clients. Trusting reviews can be a great idea to permanently choose the right company. Stopping at the first positive or negative comment is not a good strategy to get an idea of ​​the quality of the insurance. It is better to compare different opinions and trust the average.

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