Flights canceled in the Canary Islands by Hermine: you have the right to this

Since the weekend, the Canary Islands have been suffering the ravages of the storm "Hermine". Despite the fact that one of the most affected islands is La Palma, the rest of the territories that make up the archipelago are also suffering significant flooding, road closures, restrictions on air and maritime traffic, suspension of classes in schools and institutes, etc. And, this circumstance has given rise to the fact that practically all the flights to or from Gran Canaria, Tenerife or La Palma, among others, have been canceled or suffered significant delays.

Therefore, to help the thousands of people affected by the canceled flights in the Canary Islands by Hermine, at we have compiled the rights that assist travelers who now find themselves "thrown" in the archipelago -or unable to return to it- due to this inclement weather.

  1. Flights canceled in the Canary Islands by Hermine: it is a cause of force majeure
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Flights canceled in the Canary Islands by Hermine: it is a cause of force majeure

These flight cancellations by Hermine are considered a force majeure cause, as it is a circumstance beyond the control of the airline. Of course, this does not mean that airlines can "wash their hands" and leave travelers devoid of rights.

In such a circumstance, the air passenger is entitled to a refund of the canceled ticket or alternative transportation. And, in the event of the cancellation of a flight to or from the Canary Islands, the affected party is assisted by the right to assistance and that the airline covers the expenses derived from this incident. Thus, for example, thousands of travelers have to spend up to several nights in hotels and apartments on the Islands because their flight has been canceled and, due to bad weather, no more planes can take off. Those nights, as well as the food that the traveler has to buy for his or her meals, must be paid for by the airline.

For the latter, it is essential that save all tickets or invoicesas well as any communications from the airline.

At we help you claim

If the airline does not agree to comply with your well-known rights before flight cancellations by Hermine, you have the right to claim the airline. And, for this, the best thing is to put yourself in the hands of expert lawyers, such as those of

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