Tips for planning a plane trip without staying on the ground

tips for planning a plane trip
Plan trip by plane: 3 very useful tips

Air travel is back with a bang. And, after the summer, many are already thinking about their next getaway for a long weekend, Christmas or those days off from vacation that are still to be enjoyed. And, for these getaways, we have compiled three basic but very useful tips that will help all travelers to plan a plane trip, since, in claiming, we come across cases that we cannot claim every day. This happens because, for example, not all the companies that sell their flights in Spain can be claimed. Also because they sell scales between flights that are practically impossible to fulfill.

  1. 1. That the flights you buy take off first thing in the morning
  2. 2. Be very careful with flights with a stopover (or false stopover)
  3. 3. Be careful with the company you travel with
  4. If you have been affected by an air incident…
    1. Always keep all your documentation.
    2. Request all the certificates you can.

1. That the flights you buy take off first thing in the morning

Whenever you have the opportunity, book your ticket so that the flight takes off in the morning. Why? Because it is more likely that you will not suffer a delay or one flight cancellation. A common practice among airlines is that the same aircraft covers the same route during a day (both outbound and inbound). This sometimes causes small delays that accumulate during the day and become much more pronounced during the afternoon or night. This is the case for example of Vueling in summer in Ibiza.

2. Be very careful with flights with a stopover (or false stopover)

We love exotic destinations, and it's normal. What happens is that traveling to destinations such as the Philippines or Vietnam is not that simple, since many times there are no direct flights. For this reason, in many flight search engines they connect routes from different companies with a time between flight and very small flight. You have to know that if the routes are from different companies or if there are less than three hours of layover, they are considered as independent flights. And this is very important when claiming. Our recommendation is that you try as much as possible buy the flights through the companies directly. It will save you a bad drink if you later have to claim the flight with a stopover (which is already quite a bad drink to claim).

3. Be careful with the company you travel with

Low cost airlines are always an option, but sometimes cheap can be expensive. Why? Very easy. Many companies cannot be claimed directly in Spain (sometimes not even in Europe), because they are not based in our country or because they do not even have flights that pass through our territory. We know that in certain parts of the world it is essential to travel with local companies, but try to inform yourself beforehand and travel with the most reliable ones.

If you have been affected by an air incident…

We do not want you to suffer any incident, and these three tips will help you do so. But if you have a delay, cancellation, overbooking or luggage problem, you have to take these two aspects into account:

  • Always keep all your documentation.

All. This is very important. Keeping it is the only way to prove that you were on that flight. If you suffer an incident, it is what will save you to be able to claim it. don't throw any boarding pass. Even if they cancel your flight and give you an alternative one, always keep the original. If you have it in the company's app, try to make good screenshots. This is important because in many cases they disappear when the travel date passes.

  • Request all the certificates you can.

There are times (especially when traveling outside the European Union), when you suffer a delay and there is no way to prove it before the courts. For this reason, it is very important that in the event of any incident you have, Ask at the counter for a certificate that proves itas well as the reasons. Both for a delay, as a cancellation and even more with a loss of luggage. When your luggage has been lost, the PIR (irregularity part) is essential. Always ask for it because otherwise it cannot be claimed.

These are some guidelines to keep in mind when planning a plane trip and then be able to claim if something has not gone well. We hope they will serve you well on your next trips (and that you travel a lot). But if you have been the victim of an incident on a flightwe can process your claim saving you many of the inconveniences that the process entails.

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