we celebrate 10 years at the consumer's side

10 years of claimant.es
Tenth anniversary of claimant.es

2012-2022. 10 years have passed since Pablo Rabanal founded our company. The current CEO of the company, then opted for a totally innovative model and with just 4 people working, he carried out this legaltech that, today, has become a benchmark in the sector of air and bank claims in Spain.

And we can celebrate 10 years defending the rights of our clients thanks to the tireless work of all the people who have been part of the reclaimer.es team now and since then, the investors who have opted for our business model and, of course, for All the people who, faced with a legal problem on issues as diverse as a flight delay, a floor clause claim or a capital gains tax claim, to give three examples, have trusted claimant.es to defend their rights.

That trust and that teamwork place us in 2022, 10 years after the launch of the company, as a solid company in the legal sector, with a very clear business model, based on the very confidence we have in our work, because We work with the conviction that we can win each case we take and, if not, the client does not have to pay anything.. This is known as the model. “no win no quota”.

  1. 10th anniversary: ​​reclaimer.es in data
  2. We look forward to celebrating another 10 years defending consumers

10th anniversary: ​​reclaimer.es in data

And we want to corroborate our words with data. Thus, we leave you the numbers that support the growth and consolidation of reclaimer.es in the legaltech sector in Spain.

In this decade alongside our clients, we have achieved successfully resolve more than 108,000 cases for all of them. In our desire to offer the best service to our clients, during these 10 years we have been looking for new market niches, also helping in legal matters such as labor claims, medical negligence or inheritance management. And, now, in 2022, we are collecting all that acquired knowledge and providing a legal consultation service to our clients.

And if we talk about the most managed claims in these 10 years, the incidences of travelers with airlines focus the bulk of our work in this decade. Thus, since 2012, at claimador.es we have processed more than 144,000 claims for flight delays and almost 110,000 for cancellations. But, as we said, claimador.es are not only air claims, we also help consumers to claim abusive clauses in their mortgages or bank cards. For example, we have helped or are helping to claim the expenses of formalizing the mortgage to more than 45,000 affected or affected for this bank abuse.

We look forward to celebrating another 10 years defending consumers

We commemorate this anniversary with great joy and pride and we can only add that we hope to be able to celebrate another 10 years alongside consumers. And, for this, we maintain our commitment to work day by day uniting technology and human equipment, always seeking excellence in our services with the aim of building a brand that year after year continues to be a benchmark in the legaltech sector and fighting because all that work is reflected in a quality service that is agile, close, successful and trustworthy.

Thanks to all of you who have trusted reclaimer.es. Without you it would have been impossible to celebrate our 10th anniversary!

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