Relocation on another flight: up to €600 may apply

relocation on another flight
Traveler's rights before a relocation on another flight

Mainly, due to the Vueling (and Ryanair) crew strike, airlines are choosing to offer their travelers the relocation on other flightseither the same day a few hours later or the next day. And, after this offer, they are not informed of other rights that correspond to them. This is that if the relocation on another flight means that the traveler arrives at their destination more than 3 hours after the ticket initially purchased, they are entitled to compensation of up to €600. And, together with the above, the passenger or air passenger also has the right to claim the reimbursement of the expenses incurred.

  1. Relocation to another flight may give rise to compensation of up to €600
  2. At we help you claim against the airline

Relocation to another flight may give rise to compensation of up to €600

As we said, many travelers who are relocated to another flight are unaware of the possibility of claim financial compensation from the airline, because this only informs them of the "rescheduling" of the flight for another day or another time. But the obligations of the airlines do not stop here if that relocation is due to a strike, a breakdown in the plane, an operation problem of the company itself, etc.

In short, it could be said that, when relocating to another flight, the traveler will be entitled to compensation if:

  • Relocation to another flight is not due to force majeure. Airline staff strikes are not considered a force majeure or extraordinary cause and, therefore, do give the right to request between €250 and €600 in financial compensation. A circumstance of force majeure would be, for example, a storm with strong gusts of wind.
  • If they notify the relocation less than two weeks in advance. That is, if upon arrival at the airport is when the change is reported, the passenger has the right to compensation.
  • If the relocation involves arriving at the destination more than 3 hours apartthere is a right to be compensated. If, for example, due to relocation, the traveler arrives only 1 hour later than initially scheduled, he will not be able to claim his right to be compensated.

To the indicated amounts (between €250 and €600) would be added the claim to the airline for the expenses incurred, for example, hotel nights lost or that have to be paid because the new flight leaves one or several days later.

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