Credit cards that hide a revolving modality

revolving credit cards
Credit cards that hide a revolving

At a bank branch or through an online bank, when you are shopping in a hypermarket, when refueling at a gas station, in furniture and household goods stores, when purchasing a trip, at a concert or a large event... Surely in some On these occasions, and on many others that we have not mentioned, they have offered you a credit card in which they assure you significant discounts when using it or other great advantages. But, Did you know that many of these cards have a revolving payment method?

They may hide that it is a revolving card under terms such as "deferred payment card", "credit card with small monthly installments", but, yes, in reality they are cards with abusive interest and whose debt you pay and pay and it does not stop increasing.

  1. Credit cards that "hide" a revolving
    1. Revolving cards with discounts on gasoline
    2. Credit cards that hide a revolving modality associated with travel
    3. List of cards for supermarkets and department stores with revolving modality
  2. Don't know if your credit card is a revolving one? find out

Credit cards that "hide" a revolving

in the post “List of the most common revolving cards in Spain”We have already shared a series of revolving cards that, associated with well-known brands, are sold almost massively in our country, such as the Carrefour Pass revolving card or the Wizink revolving cards.

But the truth is that many of the hundreds of credit cards that are offered today in Spain have a revolving payment method, that is, paying a fixed fee every month, whatever you spend, with a few high interest for its use and for accumulating debt and, in addition, with important commissions. In other words, they offer revolving cards under the pretext of a low fee each month, which can be assumed by the consumer, but in reality, when said limit is exceeded, the debt accumulates for the following period, adding interest and commissions. , so it is more than likely that, without starting the following month and without using that revolving card, the consumer would have already exceeded that next quota. This, in the end, becomes a debt loop that consumers find it very difficult to get out of, unless they put themselves in the hands of expert bank claim lawyers.

And, for their greater sale, a large part of these cards are camouflaged and marketed under succulent discounts on purchases, refueling, travel, etc.

For everything explained so far, at we have prepared a list with many of those cards that hide a revolving among their payment methods.

Revolving cards with discounts on gasoline

Given the fuel prices, fuel marketing companies have launched campaigns with very aggressive discounts if you pay at their gas stations and stores with the credit cards associated with their brand. And those cards with discounts on fuel that also hide high interest and revolving modalities are, among others:

Credit cards that hide a revolving modality associated with travel

Also when contracting trips on airlines or travel agencies you can find the offer of contracting credit cards to accumulate points if you pay with them and, of course, with their method of payment with a fixed fee at the end of the month or revolving deferred payment. Among them, the following stand out:

  • Iberia cards
  • Air Europa SUMA VISA Card
  • Bankinter Consumer Finance – Halcón Viajes credit card
  • Ecuador Travel Credit Card
  • Revolving BinterMas from Bankinter Consumer Finance
  • Pullmantur Visa Card

List of cards for supermarkets and department stores with revolving modality

And, of course, in supermarkets and hypermarkets or large brands of clothing, household items, DIY, etc., revolving cards are sold. Here are the most popular:

Don't know if your credit card is a revolving one? find out

It is possible that you have one of these mentioned cards in your wallet, or any other credit card, and now you do not know if it is really a revolving card. There are some clues to discover this: that you pay the same fee every month, regardless of how much you spend with the card; that the APR of the card is very high; that you pay and pay month after month and the accumulated debt does not stop increasing...

If you have answered yes to one of these assumptions, it is very likely that you have a revolving credit card. The good? You can claim! At we have been helping consumers against bank abuse for many years. We study your case without obligation and we send you a report where we tell you if your revolving card claim is viable and what would be the next steps to take.

If you have any doubts as to whether your credit card is actually a revolving card, you lose nothing by asking us. Remember that with the whole process is 100% and that we study your case at no cost. In addition, you do not have to advance any amount to start your revolving claim.

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