Where is Milan and how to get to this amazing city

Where is Milan? Milan is located in the Lombardy area in northern Italy.a. It is definitely a great city.

It is known as the fashion capital on Earth. The city has its own style. It is more unique than the other cities in Italy. Many tourists come to Milan every year. The fashion capital is Milona. Today I will tell you details about where Milan is.

  1. where is milan
  2. How to get to where Milan is.
  3. Travel to where Milan is from Spain
  4. Relevant Information of Milan-Where is Milan
    1. When to go: the best time to go here is between June and September.
  5. History of Milan- Where is Milan
  6. Planning a trip to where is Milan in Italy?

where is milan

where is milan

You'll find it a bit to the left of the center of the map, south of Como and Switzerland, east of France, and west of Bergamo. If you plan to visit Milan, it is very useful to know the exact position of the second largest city in Italy.

If you are looking for the city of Milan on the map of Italy shaped like a boot, then Milan is located in the north of Italy, from the north surrounded by the Alps and to the south surrounded by the valley of the river po .

Milan is located in the Lombardy region, the richest and most populous region in Italy and one of the most populous in Europe.

If you travel to Italy by plane from the USA or Canada, in 70 percent of the cases you will land at Malpensa Airport. Milan in that case will be your point of entry. From there, you can simply head to Venice, Florence, or Rome.

How to get to where Milan is.

Flying direct (or one-stop) to Italy from most parts of the world is easy.

Most visitors fly into Rome's Fiumicino Leonardo da Vinci International Airport, but Milan Malpensa (MXP) or Venice Marco Polo (VCE) airports are also easily accessible from major hubs around the world.

When planning your visit to Italy, knowing the location of Milan will be of great help to prepare your travel itinerary in detail starting from the capital Lombardy. Here are some examples:

  • To the north of Milan lie two of the most romantic lakes in northern Italy, Lake Como and and the greater lake. From Milan you do not need a car to take a day trip to these wonders. Just hop on a LeNord Train Company train, and in no time you're in a magical place of lakes.
  • If you don't have enough time for both lakes, the wonderful Lake Como it is a must see place. I bet you will be overwhelmed by the lake towns and dream villas.

Travel to where Milan is from Spain

The best way to go from Spain to Italy is by plane, which takes 4h 29m and costs €35 – €190. You can also go by train, which costs €120 – €280 and takes 15h 23m, or by bus via Florence, which costs €55 – €110 and takes 18h 43m.

Knowing where Milan is will help to know how to visit Cinque Terre five coastal towns located in the eastern Liguria region known as the Italian Riviera.

Just 160 km from Milan, you can visit Verona, the city of love and visit the house of two true lovers who lived in Verona: Romeo and Juliet .

Just 30 km south of Milan city center, you can visit The Charterhouse of Pavia an impressive monastery completed in the 14th century.

Near Milan there are innumerable places to visit such as the charming cities of Pavia and Mantova or Cremonathe city of Stradivarius and violin maker.

If you know where Milan is, you can reach the main Italian destinations in a day visit. Just to mention Rome by fast train and Florence by train (Freccia Rossa, Red Arrow train). It takes one hour and 45 minutes to get to Florence and three hours to the Roma Terminal train station.

Of course we cannot forget Venice with 25 direct trains from Milan to Venice in little more than two and a half hours, you will be in Saint Marcus Plazahaving a coffee

Relevant Information of Milan-Where is Milan

Population: Milan has a population of 3.1 million as of 2016.

Heated: humid subtropical climate in Milan Summers are hot and muggy and winters are rainy.

Religion: Although most of the people who live in the city are Catholic, it is possible to see other religious groups.

When to go: the best time to go here is between June and September.

Currency: Milan uses the euro.

Time difference: there is one hour of time difference between milona and our country. The city is an hour behind our country.

Official language: The official language of Milan is Italian, but French and German are also spoken in the city, mainly in English.

History of Milan- Where is Milan

The growth of the city and the nearby area as a satellite suburban settlement experienced a great economic boom.

Therefore, the expanding urban agglomeration area as a large metropolitan city is also known as blue bananathat is, the area of ​​Europe with the highest population and industrial density.

Initially, the city was founded under the name of Medhlan by the Insubres, a Celtic people. ; however, later the Romans gave it the name of Milan.

In the Roman Empire, the city flourished like nothing. Today, with a 15 percent foreign-born population, Milan is a cosmopolitan city. Milan is an important industrial and business center of Italy.

Milan has a rich heritage and cultural heritage, a lively and attractive nightlife. The kitchen is very unique; has developed several dishes, among them the Panettone Christmas cake and the risotto alla Milanese. In addition, the city has a great musical tradition.

Also, many people call Milan the world capital of fashion and design. The city has a great global influence in terms of commerce, industry, music, sport, literature, art and media.

Planning a trip to where is Milan in Italy?

where is milan

If you're wondering if you should include the second largest city on your itinerary, know this:

Milan is worth visiting for its abundance of historical, cultural and architectural monuments. Music lovers will love the famous theater stairs; architecture buffs: the imposing duomo cathedral; art lovers: the fantastic Brera Art Gallery; and luxury buyers: the glamorous Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery.

The city seduces with its rich historical heritage, huge art collections, incredible shopping opportunities and delicious traditional dishes.

On top of that, it's the perfect starting point for exploring Italy.

So, if you've been wondering if the Italian city is worth a visit, we bet you already found the answer.

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